Anyone having troubles with the redeem code for Golden Gargos?

I keep getting an error message on the redeem code.

Man I hope this isn’t the case I’m about to go pick up my copy of the DE in 30 minutes

Sure enough I tried my code for gold Gargos skin and it says check the instructions that came with your code you might need to redeem it on a different webpage WTF

yea that’s the message i got on the xbox. i tried on the xbox site and it saids try again later

Lol I called Xbox waiting on them to call back this is ridiculous go and buy something and straight out of the damn package it doesn’t work

Im not surprised at all. here buy the game a 4th time for a color code and 4 songs from S3. BTW the code doesnt work lol… but thanks for the 40$ …again.
I pick mine up later today so I will let you know how mine goes as well.

Hopefully this is just a small group that it effectes

Any of you mind posting the skin in game when you get it?

of course, gotta show it off lol

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same problem

They’re working on it and should be fixed by tomorrow

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codes should be working now, but i don’t see it installing on my xbox [i redeemed it on the xbox website]

Same here hopefully it works by tomorrow also will the platinum skin come with the gold skin?

it said gargos pack when i redeem it, so maybe

Hi everyone,

It’s a known issue and they are working on it. Mine just showed up a few hours after entering the code on the website while logged into my account. I wasn’t able to redeem it on the xbox dash though. I had to manually install it once it showed up under games and apps. Give it some time. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Yeah it helped thanks.

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just tried it now and it worked

Also yes the platinum Gargos is from the same pack you get when you redeem the code for the gold skin

Glad to hear this should be sorted now. If you are still running in to any issues, please let me know!

I’m thinking of buying the DE just for the gold and platinum Gargos skins (I already have all seasons purchased for pc/XBone), but before I buy it, I just want to double-check that these 2 skins can be used on pc too. (I know they need to be redeemed on XBone but I am assuming that it’s cross-platform like the rest of KI.)

If anyone can confirm this, I would really appreciate it.

BTW, are these 2 skins both for the default Gargos costume? Or is platinum for Retro costume?