Anyone find it hard to enjoy KI (& other fighters) when tired?

Hey! It’s my first post here x)
I really enjoy KI. But the time when I get peace and quiet is always when I’m tired haha. I just find it hard to play any fighting game when your reflexes are weak and your half asleep.

I’m not the only one right?
Btw my favourite KI character is Maya! She is bad ■■■ as hell! Awesome fourm btw. I hope to join in with the KI community once I have got more practice time!

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I’m that tired I even forgot to put ‘When’ in the title.

I’m going to get some sleep. xD

Sorry guys

It is scientifically proven that cognitive abilities tend to drop and irritability rises when you get a lack of sleep, so there’s probably something to that.
Especially in something as mentally taxing as a fighting game, and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY a fighting game as crazy as KI.

Welcome to the forums, by the way. The community welcomes you, stranger. :slight_smile:


I need more hours in a day!
Killer Instinct is absolutely crazy as hell once the flow starts.
C-C-C-Combo Breaker.
And thanks for the warm welcome :smiley:


Me when playing KI after long days of school and work:
“Omg this guy is so cheap! Ugh he has no clue what he’s doing! How did that hit me?? Why can’t I beat that!?!?!”

Me when playing KI on my free days:



In all honesty I find it hard to really get into any game when I am tired. Just don’t work out, at all.


Its not just you. Ive had long stretches where id be playing games all night. Stuff like Starcraft and Madden would do that to me till i passed out.

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This 100%. You beat me to saying something to this effect. Maybe the OP can tell us what games they enjoy when they’re tired. lol

Well, OP, your feelings are natural. All fighting games get less enjoyable to play when tired, but I found KI to be the most exhausting, I just feel how my reactions get gradually slower the longer I play.

IMO when you are tired its best to not play online, good opportunity to play Shadow Lords for example.

In other news the sky is blue lmao yeah man fatigue will definitely do that to you. Just make time when you free that’s all.

Hmmm… Does Watching KI videos on YouTube count? :wink:

I had two replies to this but after thinking about each one for about 2 seconds each, I’ve decided I might get flagged. lol

Cant tell you how many times Ive fell asleep playing at 3am…waking up with a broken neck LOL

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This is certainly true for me. And I find I can tell how tired I am by examining specific aspects of the game. In particular, recognizing and responding to auto-doubles with the correct break goes straight to hell when I’m tired.

I just stare blankly at the screen and watch stuff happen, I don’t necessarily do anything about the stuff that is happening, I just kind of, watch it and then I’m like “ok well that happened.”

Also if I’m on mic all of my conversational skills fail and I talk nonsense.

You know it’s different for me. I’ll be tired as hell fall asleep watching tv and if i want to stay awake i fire up ki and do ranked. I swear my heart kicks into overdrive then i look at the clock and it’s 5 am. Any other game i’d be snoring.