Anyone else really enjoy the making the music segments

I really like em, want moar plz


I enjoyed the one on Kim Wu’s music and I would love to see more for both the music as well as other aspects of the game’s development.

Really have been digging it so far, my biggest gripe is not enough though. It feels rushed and I don’t get to see the crazy cool stuff long enough.

Especially during Kim’s segment, I wanted to see the Asian vocalist/string player talk more or at least do more. Then again, it may be because they are going through everyone’s theme so it will be longer once finalized.

They’re great, I hope each segment is expanded on and turn into a proper documentary on s3 music and sounds.
Maybe they’ll do one for the look and behind the scenes of s3.
Hint hint @rukizzel

I would also love to see an art and design version. From its design in paper, to concept art, to it’s 3-d modeling and animation. Maybe create a segment for one of the remaining fighters after its reveal? I’d love to see the process of character design for fighting games especially KI.

Yeah, I like them. I always like seeing behind the scenes of making a game (want-to-be developer here, so it’s nice seeing rough ideas of what it’s like). Plus, it just gives me an idea of what the guys – Celldweller and Atlas Plug – are like.