Anyone else not feeling season 3?

I’m going to wait until the season is over before I really rip into it but yeah, I’m a little disappointed so far.


Oh snap, I guess you got me there. Doesn’t really affect the point being made, though.

Games still change.

The qualms I have about season 3 are most of the cast from this season seem clunky and heavy outside of Kim Wu- Mira although a great design seems a bit odd in her twisty body animation and jump/ motions. Raam well look- I can’t and won’t for rash & I know the e season was about cross promotion, but I still say the seasons shining stars are the stages ( who exactly is responsible does anyone know???) and Kim Wu IMO

The lack of any attention to costumes or any accessories for season 1 mishaps is a sour taste but what can one do-

I’m happy with Kim so I guess it’s a nice trade off that others are happy with something. Maybe it’s the season that has something for everyone. There we go! Lol

I still say {the lack of something we’ve beat a dead horse with} is still a huge WTF in my book as from day one anyone developing the game expressed a love for the legacy and giving fans what they want- and we still to this day 3 years have not seen it. There’s a lot to be said for not saying anything…

i can sympathizes with ya, like i understand your point of view and ya dont like it

but for me i like all the seasons equally, season 1 being all the hype it was suppose to be with everybody learning new stuff, but when they found that stuff, well 3 out of 8 were played constantly which i found to not like, but the started to rise so not much can said with that

then with season two, awesome trailers done by max, and the hype with the teasers at the end of the trailers to show whos next, thats great way to generate hype, along with the monthly release of characters with a balance patch, the early dedication felt like early league of legends, pretty great. i just didn’t like it at this point cause there was no PC release

then season three, guest characters, the games been out for close to 3 years, so the concept is good at this point. Almost all of the legacy roster is done, so really why not guest characters? who play so differently and add new mechanics to a game that is now getting old. you could do those mechanics to original characters, but then they wouldnt get the marketing plan they’re trying to garner the attention of new players. oh yea and pc release, damn important. But then the lack of stages hit pretty hard for me, but thats there choice

TL;DR: so really, pro and cons on all seasons, same positive hype as always

For myself, I find that S3 KI is by far the best version of KI we’ve seen to date. I really love a lot of the changes they made to the engine (breakers return to neutral, removal of breaker->instinct, staggers, flipout, etc), the game is the most balanced it’s ever been, and the characters that S3 has brought to the table are strong and incredibly unique, something that I’m impressed they still manage to do with 25+ characters.

I was never a huge fan of guests for KI (because the original characters have all been so amazing), but I think they’ve been handled incredibly well, so I’ve little to complain about. I thought two guests was the cap they should’ve set for themselves, but I have to admit that Raam does a fantastic job of adding an interesting new archetype to the game. Again - can’t complain too much when the guests are done this well. Arbiter looks and plays amazing, and Rash animates extremely well. If you’re going to do guest characters, this is how you do them. :thumbsup:


Flip out is the best thing that could happen to combo breakers.

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I may be biased in my opinion. Im new to the 2013 series as a PC only player. But I have followed the series since the first games in the arcades. Even when KI 2013 was announced, i followed every character announcement. I am super happy with S3. I dont mind guest characters as long as they fit and are well implemented and not too standout-ish. I feel like the guests in S3 are well done and fit and are really fun to play and provide new ways to play the game. I understand what you guys are saying about the original characters but just enjoy what they have given us. Maybe a S4 is going to happen… and you know they cant make a whole season full of guests… it will most likely consist of original ideas. I also enjoy the new mechanics… so far the season isnt over and there is still shadow lords and a new mp mode (if its not tied into shadow lords) as well as an 8th character and possibly a 9th… so far tho, i love the overall cast as they are.

Not too hard to find, its on amazon for 31 bucks…

i bought mine when it first came out tho… love it. Altho kind of sucks since not all the characters are in it from even season 1.

I am new as PC player, but I followed KI on youtube when it was younger, altough I did not understand much about its mechanics back then.

Personally, I like Season 3. I main Tusk and Gargos and I love them (except Tusk visual redesign, he should stay as Conan interpretation, good thing retro skin is here).

I come from MKX and they already went over the edge with guests, so KI guests dont hurt me because of two reasons:

1.There are already all KI chars + new ones (except Eyedol but we still do not know…)
2.These guests are at least Rare and MS property

My only gripe with KI overall, is that this game never can catch a break from promoting something. At launch it promoted Xbone, now it promotes W10 and guests are here propably to promote upcoming games with them.

People see this and treat this game as a filthy bait, this overshadows the fact that KI is awesome game for its own.


That happens when they use a software to promote other software
Its clear the intentions of those guests.

What ig can do if the big boss want a ads in form of character in a low budget franchise? They can do nothing!

This isnt good for ig or for us. But its good for MS, who is the owner. So… Money talks.

Ki s3 has the best gameplay, but the roster is really really bad. Tusk, Kim and Mira is the only good thing about it. Ok, Gargos is nice too. Rash is ok, he is from rare, make sense…

Like i said on the Ceo thread, when i saw Arbiter on finals, i turned off twitch. I cant with that.

New theory: they cut back on stages in the S3 plan to save money to…cover netplay for the PC players, who insist on not “paying to use our own internet.”

But seriously, S3 is great. Not a single uninteresting new matchups, at least two characters making it into my stable when I have time to get in the practice with them, a lot of awesome new stuff to do with my existing stable of characters that I still haven’t thoroughly explored yet, Gargos’s theme (Kreygasm), and Shadow Lords looks like it could be far, far cooler than a bland cutscene-reel story mode. There is definitely stuff I’m neglecting to add to the list, too. I feel like a larger social psychological model is needed to account for all the garbage people have been spewing over S3, because it’s not rational.

You’re complerely on-board with 3 characters and okay with another 2, out of 7 delivered thus far…and you think that makes a “really really bad” roster?!? What’s a good roster, 7 characters that somehow manage to include 10 good ones, in defiance of basic arithmetical truths?


I don’t think people would have as much of an issue with guest characters if they were actually made a part of the KI lore.

As @MDMMORNING said, SF brought in characters like Cody and other Final Fight characters (guest characters) in to SF, but I would add that Capcom ultimately made them into actual SF characters. Cody has an actual story in the SF universe that takes place after his FF days. While I don’t think that many people had an issue with Cody being in SF in the first place, you can’t deny that he now has a place in the SF universe.

Story wise it would be relatively easy to make the guest characters of KI into actual KI characters, but for some reason they chose not to.

-Rash, Arbiter, and Raam could all be bio-digital constructs of ARIA/UT by way of her prediction models. After archiving and studying Glacius’ ship’s logs, she finds all this info on other races and species that Glacius’ race has encountered and choses to recreate some of them for testing and what not.

They could literally have done anything, but they chose to just plop them down into KI with no explanation at all. As far as I can tell, that is why so many people are salty over them.


They could always go for the “cause portals” method…I know it’s old and cliche’, but hey, there’s a reason why cliche’s exist…they work well. Besides, Rash comes through a portal anyway…


Also, what with Gargos being a ShadowLord from an alternate dimension, and the story LITERALLY involving ARIA and KanRa trying to create said portal, people accidentally showing up from other dimensions isn’t too far off the reservation.

Never played KI before the S3. But from my experience i prefer the S1 and S2 characters.

The only thing about S3 that I don’t like is that only S3 characters receive an extra color for their Retro Costumes. Everything else (guest characters, soundtrack direction, level 4 ender cinematics, etc,.) is cool with me.


I like it a lot but I’ll have a much more complete feeling depending on how they do story mode. If they fall flat on that I will be pist.

I will say that while I don’t hate S3, i do think S1 and S2 were better. After the amazing job IG did with S2 i was beyond hyped for S3. And to that point, I can say I’m a bit disappointed. For some reason, the S3 characters dont feel as polished as the S1 and S2 characters. And only having 4 stages this season was also disappointing. The guest characters idea I was against from the very beginning. And while I dont mind Arbiter or Raam (I hate Rash), I think the game would’ve been better without them. Keep the game KI, with KI lore, and give us more awesome original characters like last season. And lastly, the new music. While the new tracks aren’t terrible, I do feel that the dynamic nature of them isn’t queued as well as the S1 or S2 songs. For most of the match it seems like you hear the same pc of the song until someone is nearly dead. Just my opinion

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Aside from the guests I am enjoying the season 3 cast. Mira’s nice but I think she’s pretty bland since she’s the vampire that’s simply a human with fangs. If we do have guests here, maybe those devs on the other side should meet KI half way and start adding some KI stuff into their games.

Overall though this is a neat season so far.

I’m glad Tusk is back, I love Kim Wu, Mira, and all the balance changes, but as many others have mentioned, I would have much preferred more original characters rather than the guests. 3 guests feels like way too many. I think I’ve used Rash like 3 times since his release. I still can’t stand his presence in this game, but whatever.

I’m fine with there not being a bunch of new stages, considering how many we already have. Shadow Lords will be a HUGE addition to S3 and I’m super excited for it. Just wish we had some idea of when we’ll get it. 3 weeks? 3 months? who knows.

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