Anyone else not feeling season 3?

The guests really really really hurt me . i dont like seeing them period. Not one chracter but mira appeals to me. Didnt like the mechanic change still don’t


prefer not to have guests, but they were really well done, don’t mind them …

agree’d on Mira, everybody loves Mira

one year in and KI is still my main game, even picked up the now hard to find Ultra Fan book


im not feeling S3 as much as S1 and S2, mainly because of all the guests which means lack of new KI characters, and because all the characters dont have their own stages

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Agreed…Not feeling it “as much”, because there are too many guests. Oh, and RAAM should have been Marcus Phoenix or an Onyx Guard.

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I feel you there. It’s been very hit and miss with me.

Excluding returning characters, the guests haven’t been the best in terms of choice.
Doesn’t mean I hate them, I just feel like there were better options.
Except Rash. I have a biased adoration of that toad.

The real miss for me was some of the themes. For me, Rash’s theme was the worst. It’s hardly Battletoads as the KI theme is what plays 70% of the match while some of the others don’t really hit ‘that spot’ with me.

Real last complaint is about the lack of new stages. Sure, a new single player mode is fine but no one’s going to care for it shortly after release unless real rewards for this crafting business is present. ie New colors, accessories, outros/intros, etc


What upsets me the most about season 3 is the lack of stages and lack of new, original characters. I was hoping the guests would be a list of their own, outside of the main 8-9 slots.


I love it! Flip out is amazing! Stagger is awesome! All the characters new moves are awesome! I dont understand what the issue is? IS it you just cant make the new mechanics work? If you dont like any of the S3 characters by all means pick one of the other 18 characters?

Adapt and overcome… the game is 2 years old… if it doesnt change and add new game play… then the game dies. DO you want KI to die off sooner than later?


Love it.

My favorite game of the generation. New chars and mechanics are really fun.

Thanks devs!!


I don’t mind the guests, but 3 of them in one season is too much. I feel it may have been a cop-out to retain interest in the game since most of the cast was already brought back in S1+2 ,san Tusk, Kim, Gargos, and Eyedol (still waiting for him IG). Though Gargos has been heavily reworked, Mira is the only original character, it may have been difficult to invest an entire season on new characters.


things that i didnt like in season 3 is the lack of stages, the New purple shadow, i dont feel like it fits with every character, i think that every character should have their own shadow color, and the last thing is the lack of originality in this season in some moves/characters.
Im not complaining, KI is my favorite FG, im just giving my opinion

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Personally I’m not too keen on being on the receiving end of flipout…like ever…


To anyone that has a problem with the “guests”: They may not be new to games in general but they are new to the fighting game genre. Therefore can it be said that they are “new and original” characters? Can’t say I’ve ever seen Arbiter in a Street Fighter game or RAAM in Tekken or any other fighting games.


Ki should be ki

Not that fighting game with halo characters how it will be looked at


Lol don’t think anyone is. Whether I’m receiving or giving the flip out mechanic I don’t much care for it at all. Stagger though I do like though go figure.

OT As for guests I don’t mind them I think they can/have work. It would just be nice to have all the original cast back first.

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No two numbered Street Fighter titles played the same. They all had drastically different mechanical changes, as well as a tendency to introduce guest characters from Capcoms available pool of IPs - these went on to be fan favorites of the series (Street Fighter) - Cody (and a bunch of others) from Final Fight, among others.

GG changed radically when Diasuke lost control of the project, and Xrd is the result of his return. Did you know the old school GG’s didn’t have throw teching? That came about in the AC era, and made it over to Xrd while the Force Break system stayed behind.

Blazblue also changed a lot, especially from CS to CP. Gone are the days of the Guard Primer system, and now we have the Overdrive and Crush Trigger systems. These create a drastically different overall game than it’s predecessors.

Just sayin’ that they do in fact remove things. No fighting game solely makes additions to their combat engine.

The only thing I wasn’t feeling about S3 was that it took me so long to finally get on the train. Good thing KI has some of the best learning resources available, thanks to the wonderful community. Also, I’m not a fan of the Lv4 Enders, but there’s a toggle for that. What a dev team! Keep it up!


Sakura is not from Rival schools. She from street fighter.

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Lol…yeah it does suck but…if you do a command grab or LP just as you land you will beat out most of your opponents offense. If you are Raam and get flipped out… do command grab…every time!

They are promoting KI…every day all day on the Xbox home screen and game store screen…and WITH THE DUMB HALO CHARACTER ARBITER you hate so much…plus RAAM and Rash.
That 3 huge pieces of advertisement right there!

Yes we all want original characters and Eyedol, ect… but the game has 22 original characters…pick one of those!
If there weren’t any guests there probably wouldn’t be a season 3 and KI would be on its last breath of its game cycle.

Get over it or move on.

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