Anyone else getting Failed to reach matchmaking servers error on PC?

I’m having this issue since yesterday, I used to play online since the game came out to pc but since yesterday I got this message evey time I’m trying to find someone online >>> Failed to reach matchmaking servers

I tried with some fixes that worked for most of people with no luck, any suggestion of whats going on with my game since I used to play with no errors before yesterday?

I have been waiting for some resolution to this since the game launched. I have tried everything anyone has suggested to fix it, and still I get the error. Oh well.

I have issues since few hours now.

That workign great this morning.
Few hours later, my profile is connecting normally, but i cannot join to MM servers…dunno why.
Edit: When i try to join Ranked/exhibition, it just loading and said “cannot join MM servers”.

When i try to join lobbies, it just crash the game.

Have you guys changed any settings on your PCs? If you disabled any important services this game needs to run matchmaking you won’t be able to connect, Windows Firewall needs to be running, you need to check your xbox app to see if you are able to obtain a terdo address.

You can try this.

I change nothing between hours that i could play and now.

My account is sueccesfully loading. and i can play Solo, but nothing from Multiplayer.
It just doesn’t connect at all on MM servers…
I tried everything about the terdo adress, it changes nothing. I just cannot have a terdo adress.

Oh so you can’t obtain a terdo address? Yea you have to get that address to be able to connect. Well, the xbox app says some services are experiencing issues. It might be a problem on their end, brb gonna try myself. I was able to connect but maybe the servers are down in your region. I can’t say.