Anymore Xbox One Fighting games?

I got KI,DBZ Xenoverse and getting MkX soon. Getting Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Any other fighting games I missed on Xbox One. I need more. Maybe backwards compatibility will help.

BlazeBlue and DOA are the only others ones.

Fighters Within. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You might regret getting MKX unless you have friends you can play offline. I went and got my PS4 early so I could play MKX online. It’s just horrible on XBL. And I’m not even just referring to the online itself, the player level is really low and it takes forever to find a match, since as good as everyone who plays the game seriously, is on PS4.


DOA doesn’t interest me that much as I have this mental thing where I can’t handle if someone gets the wrong idea about what I am doing. Blazeblue seems good,

Hahaha. KI on Kinect would be funny

Thanks. I guess I will wait for the Komplete Edition then.

Divekick is another

Ah yes. I play it but the game is dead online:(