Anybody feel controls and timing being tighter after the 2.12?

I am dropping many combos now, with Shago and with others.

The QCB and QCF motions fail to be executed many times, and the timing for autodoubles and inputs seems shorter.

I am not sure if it’s simply my gamepad failing.

I have enabled input view on screen and it seems sometimes back and forward inputs fail to register even when done slowly. Button presses also fail to activate specials somehow.

Dunno, just wanted to check with you.

I experienced something similar this morning while trying out Shadow Jago.
Granted, my controller is in need of an upgrade…and it was 6:00 AM on a new character. Can’t be sure.

Hmm…I only been playing Shago last night, but I’ll try with others later down the road.

While playing Aganos against a shadow Shago, I dropped a LOT of my combos and other moves because my heavy attack buttons (and even a few others) don’t seem to be reading as accurately as they used to - that is to say, it doesn’t always work properly, much less at all. Sometimes, my ender doesn’t come out like it’s supposed to and I drop the combo; at other times, my instinct fails to come out, and instead puts out a standing HK instead. I find that annoying, because then I have to waste time to push it again and potentially get punished as a result, simply because it failed to work the 1st time.

Why does this topic pop up after every update? And then we all just realize it was in our heads.

Not true. Last time we complained about S2 chars feeling off, Ishmae1 admitted there was a change on how they handled inputs and buffers.

The main thing I noticed after the update was that combo breakers that occur just before a shadow linker consume your meter more often.

for some reason when I was in practice mode last time I had press the button for autodoubles almost at the very end of a linker or it wouldn’t come out.

Same as me…i drop my combo and fail my enders from last update
I feel some going strange when i play