Any way to just get Season 1 still?

I have the Xbox One disc of Season 1 Combo Breaker for the game. I downloaded Seasons 2 and 3 as their Combo Breaker iterations as well, as well as Shadow Jago. Naturally, I have Seasons 2, 3, and Shadow Jago, as well as the freebie (assuming it’s in Season 1 at the time) available on the PC version of the game. I’d like the Season 1 characters in the PC version, but it seems that Season 1 standalone was taken off the store, and must be bought as part of a more expensive bundle. So, is there any way I can prove that I have the X1 disc and get a voucher for the Season 1 characters, be able to buy it for the original $20 pricetag…or do I have to double dip on other seasons as well?

Sorry for the wall, thanks in advance.

Gotta double dip.

Weak. Guess I’ll just put the game on the backburner and focus on other fighters then, appreciate it.

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