Any update on figures?

Considering each figure unlocks color 10, really hope wave 2 isn’t the last we’ll see.

If for some reason it falls through (or maybe even if it doesn’t) I would hope MS will release a colors package for everyone or allow them to be unlocked via KI gold.

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OMG Spinal!! It’s a must have in my wishlist.

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Hell yeah man. A rash figure would be incredible !!

Ehh… I prefer KI characters figure than guests…

Of course. I do too. I was just saying that a rash figure would look cool because he’s such a fun character that’s always doing really funny, cool stuff lol. They could really go nuts and give him some really cool accessories too.

I’d hope he comes with the Rareware, Groovy, and GI Toad accessories


I hope they tell us something about them soon! I really want my Cinder figure, and his color 10.

I love this game but tbh, i believe it will be dead by the time its 2017. Injustice 2 and the rumors of sfv coming to xbox are worrying me, and you have to count the fact that a lot of ppl already quited

People also said KI wouldn’t make it to S2. Then that happened “Well…it won’t make it to S3…”. Then that happened. “Well it will die off eventually.” Of course it will…when I die. At that point it won’t matter since I won’t be able to play it anyway.

In-fact console/pc gaming will die off in favor of Virtual reality when that becomes a thing. So yeah.


Mine seem to have been fine, but I haven’t moved/looked at mine for a wile at least.

I hope they release the new KI content before the DE codes expire, as that’s the only way you’re pretty much going to get me buying these figures due to their ridiculous shipping costs.

Ya I hope they get quality under control cuz I’ll be super upset if I have a half finished collection. It kills me when I can’t have the whole roster because this clearly is going to be are only chance at figures. Hopefully the poll having figures winning shows that.
So far we have:
Wave 1:
Jago, shago, saberwulf, hisako, fulgore and spinal
Wave 2: orchid, tj, cinder.
What i want is:
Rest of wave 2: sadira, glacius and thunder
Wave 3. I want riptor , kan rah, aganos, omen, Maya and aria
Wave 4. Tusk, Mira, Gargos, eyedol and Kim wu and rash.

That should be the whole cast.

I really want those first three figures from wave 2. They look amazing. Would preorder if it were available.