Any tips against very good Sabrewulf players?

it’s the character I struggle against the most. Once he gets close he has a ton of very fast options. his B+HP after a hard knockdown gets me often. I can back dash out of it but sometimes the rang is longer and if fully charged, it’s unblockable.

that is one of the issues I have fighting him, but when he gets close his pokes into fast overheads, lows, 50/50’s overwhelm me sometimes. Any tips? Characters I use are Hisako, Fulgore, Glacius and Tusk. I have the most success against him using Tusk and then Glacius.

I’ll take any tips because once he gets close, I just struggle to block anything he does

Stay far from him.

Get Glacius. If nicely played, Wulfy cannot approach and stomp you.
Most of his moves need a run. Try to hit him during/before it.

If he’s close, grab him and get him away from you.

With Hisako, try to counter him.
He’s kinda spammy.

Edit: Most of his moves are 2-3 hits. Try to Shadow counter it.

Or the common way to counter a Wulf is to be a Wulf.
Pick him a little, then you’ll know how to counter efficiently.

wulf does seem to still be hovering in top 5 territory in my opinion , sometimes I feel like he’s even stronger now then he was in season 2. hisako and glacious I would say are my best counter measures, even then, it’s still an uphill battle. a good sabe is just a force to be reckoned with.

thanks for the tips guys. I figured to play keep away was key for the most part. I did very well against a killer Wulf last night, we were going back and forth but today I was trying a new strategy and I’m not use to doing it yet (blocked ice lance into hail, then blocked ice lance into shatter) and he kept getting in because I’m not comfortable with this setup yet. I didn’t win a single round. Had to use Tusk to start winning because of high damage and I can actually manual with hi to cause lockouts.

I’ll just keep working at it. I’ve been watching Rico play as him, and vs My God who has a dominate Wulf and didn’t realize you can punish jump ins with c.HP so I’m going to have to work that into my routine.

but yeah Wulf is my absolute worst matchup.

Once you knock him down, don’t let him get back up - Wulf is free on wakeup if he doesn’t have meter.

As a Sabrewulf player I can agree with everybody here. Galcius and Hisako are really a problem. But I’ve been beaten by “medium” level Glacius mashers that know how to keep you away (I hate when they start back jumping plus kick!). Hisako is terrifying if the player puts you in the vortex. About wake up options: If wolf has no bar he can’t shadow eclipse and standard eclipse is horrible for wake up, specially with bad timing online.

Haven’t played against Tusk yet, I still have a lot of MUs to figure out this season, but I can say I’m adapting to my wolfie again, but you have to play him in a different way for sure.

Good luck! =)

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A good sabrewulf player is good at conditioning you to make mistakes up close.

so you would say it’s better to just stay away form him at all cost like others suggest?

Not really. Initially, if you aren’t comfortable with the player in your face sure, but you also have Thu LEARN what tendencies the player has up close. In most cases, the META for sabrewulf players is to get you down and make sure you stay down. So please please please tech your grabs. Another is to know when to pressure him up close (in hard knockdown) and when to stick to neutral. In sorry there a lot you need to do lol.

that’s what it seems like when fighting him. It’s like the kitchen sink is being tossed at you because he’s so fast. Luckily his damage has been decreased and leaping slash hits on frame 20 instead of 16 but it still seems very fast. The guy I fight the most just seems like a lot of random stuff is happening in my face.

Also I have a difficult time getting away from B+HP. I usually backdash it and can punish but when the charge is held longer the backdash isn’t far enough and also since the full charge is unblockable, can you block it on wakeup since it creates an unblockable situation? Also jumping to escape doesn’t work at all.

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It seems like your opponent is very wise. There are multiple ways to get out of back hard punch (except in hard knockdown, if you don’t have a dragon punch) you’re getting hit. I advise that you see what he does mostly (if he immediately does it on backdash then maybe block instead. If he charges it then throw out a heavy (reason being is these moves have the longest hit box). There’s no one way solution to that. However if you want to know what I would do. Just block. Your opponent wants to condition you too press buttons on wake up. So if you block then you’regood. However the more it’s charged the more safe it is. So don’t try a risky punish.

yeah he’s killer rank and has been playing since the day the game came out and I’ve only started playing it seriously about ~2-3 months ago. I did not pick it up on release. I bought it right before season 2 started but didn’t get into it until ~2-3 months ago like stated. Out of all of the wulfs I’ve played online, his is just the most difficult. I can get him every now and then and sometimes with Glacius and Tusk, and I can get supreme victories, which is probably due to him not beign familiar with the Tusk and sometimes with Glacius I’ll dominate the match or come back from the dead and deplete both his bars for the victory. But I am not consistent enough and he gets the most wins. He’s been the best training I have had because I have not made it to killer rank yet and have not played a ton of good Wulfs. He’s not the best but he’s way better than I am, probably due to way more experience.

One thing I do notice is he jumps a lot especially against Glacius. I use ice lance into HP hail to keep him down then I’ll use another ice lance into shatter, while the hail is still there so that locks him down, but I’ll miss time one of these and he gets in by jumping, and I watch a match of Rico vs My God and noticed that when Rico would do this, he would use c.HP as an anti air and would cancel into cold shoulder or shadow shatter and this worked very well. I’ll also try to work this into my routine. The difficult part though is just getting comfortable with doing all of this. I’ve only been playing Glacius for ~2-3 weeks and some of this stuff I just learned yesterday and today. He’s a lot to wrap my head around because I’m used to playing straight forward characters and not a character as technical as Glacius.

Wulfy is a god damn rusher (not the same as Orchid but similar to Riptor).

The main rule to counter him is: DO NOT let him get a pressure on you, or you’re doomed.
Grab him away and harass.

With Hisako, it’s easy. She is mostly the nemesis of most mashers Wulfs.
For Glacius, who’s mostly slower, you should play technically.
Imo, i like this way. Mostly because fighting a god damn dog with Glacius is a very good training.
And if you can outplay a Killer Wulf with Glacius, i think you can beat every fighter with him.

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Glacius definitely did the trick. We played and I went 11-7 against him. Some I dominated and some came down to the wire. I feel a lot more comfortable playing against a rushdown Wulf now. One main key was to keep hail on the screen. this made him afraid to approach. He said it’s like trying to get through a damn obstacle course when I use Glacius. And when he did get close I would block until he made an unsafe decision. c.HP definitely helped a lot. I would cancel it into hail or shadow shatter if i had the meter, and every time I would do an ice lance, on block, I would cancel into hail. Also puddle punch is a great counter for Wulf’s b.HP on wakeup.

some things I need to work on are escaping throws and also ending my combos while under pressure. For some odd reason I would drop heavy damage combos at the end. I’m chalking it up to nerves.

overall I played much better. thanks for all the tips guys.