Any suggestions for good groups on Facebook?

So I just left IGN’s Podcast Unlocked facebook group today and now I’m looking for another good facebook group to get in to. Preferably Xbox oriented.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or any good groups in general that have a friendly culture? Could be video games or sports or movies or whatever. Just curious.

NOT KI lol

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LOL, I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before! :slight_smile:

In truth, I actually considered it, and then decided against it. So many cool people on this site, I feel like I’d almost ruin that by meeting a ton of fans that are, well, perhaps maybe a tad less on the cool front?

Some of the same ppl here over there, but MORE douche bags there that arent here for sure. The UA clique and cronies specifically.

If the FB group is anything at all like the people from twitch chat on basically anything related to KI, then that’s all I need to know. I’m guessing it’s not THAT bad, and I figured some of them would be here too. I think it’s just more of a culture thing.

I enjoy talking KI here because the environment is largely non-toxic. The culture tends to be helpful, humorous, informed, and engaged. People here seem cool for the most part. I’m guessing the FB group is a little more toxic, but probably not as toxic as twitch chats tend to be.

I wasn’t aware that the UA clique was bad like that.