Any players from chicago/IL area?

I love this game and been improving a lot.Love the community and such. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to got to combo breaker due of work.
So i was wondering if anybody is from the IL area that knows good places to play locally?
I met a lot of people online and on the forums but i really have a desire to play locally and meet new people on the community

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I would be interested in this as well. Although I am taking a break from the game.

I am in Joliet. I think @Iago407 is in Naperville.

I haven’t been lucky enough to find a consistent place to meet but every time i can i usually go to galloping ghost arcade or ignite lounge its clean and you meet a lot of the fgc

I haven’t been, although I think my friends in the city have. If I remember correctly, they spoke highly of it.

Ignite is cool, right near my place actually. I’d be down for a Chicago FGC meetup if it ever were to happen. It’d be cool to meet other people, even if you’ll destroy me.

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Galloping Ghost is one of the best arcades I’ve ever been to. The sheer number of games they have is absolutely staggering. They also do some stuff with NRS every now and then, like an MK-con sort of thing where you can meet some of the guys that make the game, some of the mocap actors, etc, which is kinda nice.

They also do this swap meet now, which I just found out about a few days before the last one happened, where vendors come in to their headquarters down the street and they have a solid amount of old games on old systems, so as someone that’s somewhat of a “collector” (in heavy quotes), that was pretty awesome. I picked up Marvel Vs Capcom and a few other games that you’ll almost never see at places like Disc Replay or whatever, and I showed up well after the crowds had picked the place over. They still had some rarer stuff like Cannon Spike and what not, plus systems, supplies and games going back to Atari, so it was nice.

I still love going to People Play Games in the city if I’m looking to add to my collection (just got a nice version of Albert Odyssey for the Saturn there recently!) but the Galloping Ghost swap meet was a nice surprise.

As for getting together for some KI, I think I’d probably embarrass myself lol. Has anyone seen my Sadira shadow? She’s like 100 wins and 500 losses or something like that lol. But yeah, I’d be curious to know if there’s a Chicago scene. Wonder if IG does anything with a local scene?

I actually just created a post here. Chicago I’m trying to get as many IL players as possible to create a scene and make a tournament. Please share!!

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Keep at it bro. I’ve been doing the same in the Austin, TX area. It’s been up and down but so worth it. We are growing little by little. I hope your scene does well too!

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Thanks bro! Keep at it yourself!