Any News on Omen/Shadow Jago Color's and accessory's

so the post is about pretty much as it said’s above. I know they said we are getting them for Omen and shago but I haven’t seen anything on it since back then. When is this happening?


Hopefully with the next Shadow Lords update. Im guessing the next update will have all 3 new patches. Eyedols Shadow lord quest, Omen and Shago accessories, and the new Potential damage changes.

No it will not. The PD change will happen after that update if the feedback is great.

when is this update?

I think they said, “Before Thanksgiving”, but there could be some miscommunication.

While I’d love it if Omen / Shago accessories were in the next update, you’d think they would’ve mentioned something to that effect before now.

Who knows. I wonder if @developers will do a textual stream before it comes out next week. I’m sure they’re extremely busy, but hopefully Kraig or Adam might be able to spare some time to give us the full scoop on what to expect.

Maaaaybe they’d be willing to do a small Q&A as well?? :slight_smile:

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I’m hopeful they’re in the next big update. Expecting them to come along with eyedols shadow lords content. I’d be dissapointed if not but still thankful we will be getting them at some point.