Any News For Season 3?

season 3 will be out in about 3 months and we know only rush and kim wu weapon…any screenshots maybe?

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I’m sure once the holidays are over and the new year starts info will begin to surface.


Maybe we’ll get a tiny piece of S3 news around Christmas time. Maybe a Kim Wu reveal perhaps? Doubt it though…

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i was hoping for holidays…i m a little worried that they will take season 3 back…i hope the waiting is for good

The only news we have on Season 3, is that news is coming…


You have to remember this time of the year is a holiday for the developers also, don’t worry they won’t be canceling season 3. Hopefully news comes sooner than later.


So far we know it’s going to release in March, and that there will be at least 3 characters at launch. 4 of the characters coming in Season 3 are confirmed to different degrees. Rash and Kim Wu are hard confirmed (they have their own forum subsections and whatnot) while Tusk and Gargos are heavily implied/soft confirmed to be returning. There is also debate whether Eyedoll may return, but this is only speculation and has been in various states of consideration and denial from the devs; in part because of difficulties or disagreements in design choices, as well as the very presence of a heavily alluded to final boss in the form of Gargos.
We also know that there will be some balance changes made to existing characters to help them fit in with the new additions to the cast. These are hinted at in the semi-regularly scheduled backstory posts in the News sub forum. Along with new characters, Shadow Jago showcases a new mechanic that will see varying degrees of use in S3; stagger, which is essentially a long period of hitsun or a very short “dizzy state” that allows for interesting combo opportunities similar to a limited version of Hisako’s Wrath Manuals.
As far as soundtrack and cosmetics go: Mick Gordon has left the KI team to work on Doom4, and has been replaced by the composers Celldweller and Atlus Plug. Kevin Bayliss may return to do the Season 3 characters’ Retro costumes. Based on the new forum logo there will also likely be further modifications to the UI (user interface).
Also of note; Season 3’s launch coincides with the PC port of Killer Instinct, as well as the release of the first wave of Ultimate Source Killer Instinct Action Figures.

That’s everything I can think of that’s been catalogued so far. Hope it helps!


I hope Maya will get different animations for her mp & hk autos.

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maybe they’ll all be talking animals and female fighters?

By early January of next year and overall by early 2016 :wink:

I’m not really expecting any Season 3 news until they wrap up telling us the re-written backstories for the season 2 cast. So, another 9 weeks at best, and that’s if they don’t skip a week or two on account of the holidays. We’ll probably only get a month of Season 3 hype and news before it actually launches.

They said we should expect Season 3 related news in January. See @UncappedWheel82 post for Rukizzel’s words.

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Which is very little time, considering they also need to give information regarding the requirements for the PC and make a beta test period for PC gamers just because of some incompatibilies might appear.

But if what rukizzel said was true, on January we would have at least one of those pieces of information.

I’d say the reveals for s3 and info will be released at the KI world cup at the end of January.
Seems like a good way to mark the occasion.


that’s what I thought…and that’s what I was afraid of too. Considering they’re probably going to release the game in Early-Mid March, that means there won’t be time for a decent beta testing for PC unless they do an early access of 15 consecutive days.

This is the thing that worries me the most.

Calling it! Kim Wu on January @_@! Followup by tusk in Febuary.


Do you think Kim Wu will be more rushdown or balance? Have IG mentioned anything about her yet?

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Nah, I feel like they’ll be pubbing fairly early into 2016. Building hype for the new season comes a ways ahead of building backstory for the old seasons. I think we’ll still get the S2 back stories, but they’ll be released concurrently with S3 info.

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Yea It pretty much has to go down that way. With 9 character stories left, it’ll take a little over two months (not accounting for possible postponed stories) to get through them all. If they start again in mid January, well. They’d end up releasing all new S3 info right around the time of it’s actual release. So, This is definitely a safe bet to say the least.

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I agree. Keits even mentioned on the last 8bit beatdown that there might be some “other stuff to play” at the world cup! :smile: