Any info on an updated Dojo / Tutorial?

So the Dojo mode in KI didn’t see much of an update in S2 and as such a bunch of mechanics (ie: Recapture, air combo breaker, manual rules, ect…) weren’t explained to new players. Now with S3 coming out and new mechanics being added (ie: Flipout) will the Dojo mode be updated to cover all of the game’s mechanics?

Obviously there’s been a lot of people asking for character specific tutorials that teach you the basics of that character, but I think it much more important to start by updating the Dojo to cover everything. I have a lot of friends who are starting KI with the PC release and it would help them out a lot of the Dojo covered a wider range of mechanics than it currently does.

And yeah I know the KI Infil guide is super extensive and covers just about anything anyone would want to know, but it’s not seamlessly integrated in the game so it’s not as accessible to most people.

PS: On the Win 10 S3 store page there’s a section that reads:
"• Extensive Dojo tutorial teaches all the core mechanics for Killer Instinct."
So I guess they updated the Dojo? Haven’t seen any mention of it though.

Adam talked about it in LCD’s interview back in early January. Aside from a confirmation that it’s happening, we don’t know anything else.

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Oh cool, I don’t remember that mention. Thanks. I hope it’s there for launch