Any good street fighter forums for advice?


A quick question if I may. I’m not looking for anything perfect but is there a Street Fighter related forum or site where there is reasonable gameplay related discussion happening? I don’t expect the hospitality which is frequently displayed on our own KI forum, but a SF site with some decent contributors and somewhat respectful regular members is appreciated.

Appreciated if you could share your suggestions if you have any. Thanks.

(My main, Urien not Deejay, is back so I need to start my SFV preparations, lol)

I think could possibly have forums on sfv gameplay, you can check it out.

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Shoryuken is where I would start as well.

Shoryuken is probably your best option, but I personally don’t like it. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find the members/community to be all that friendly. Obviously that doesn’t really matter if you are getting the info you are looking for, but yeah, if you think there is hospitality here…you’re gonna have a bad time over there lol

Thanks. I was/am hoping that the interaction would be a bit better or friendlier but I don’t have any real expectations for the SRK boards. I guess we’re spoiled at ultra-combo…

I would still give it a shot though. I have posted on there a few times and nobody was ever hostile towards me, but lurking around I saw some less that mature things being said to other users around the time SFV came out. Still though, I imagine it is like any other site. You have your friendly, helpful users, and you have youe small group of people seem to just want to be a** holes all day everyday lol I just happened to notice quite a few of the ladder last time I was there.

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Well, I am only there for Urien so…lol.

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Lol I get it man. I will probably start heading back over there once Juri is released too lol I actually haven’t played SFV since like March but with new Juri info/teases coming out recently I have been practicing/playing getting prepared for her haha