Any Godzilla fans out here?

I hear a lot with marvel movies and other stuff. But how many of you are major Godzilla fans. We can use this topic as a discussion on the most iconic kaiju in existence and all of his friends and foes.

I also want to note that while this a Godzilla topic, we can talk about Kaiju in general. This can include
Ultraman, Gamera, Pacific Rim, anything with Kaiju.

This can range from games, movies, comics any form of media.

For me, the big G has been a staple for me. From kid to adult. I’ve seen every movie ever made including the 1998 movie which I hated and was disappointed (Just my opinion though) and even now I’am enjoying the legendary films as well.

My personal favorite Godzilla monsters are as follows

1: Godzilla (The heisei, Legenbdary, 1973, and Final wars godzilla)
2: Space Godzilla
3: Mechagodzilla (showa, and Heisei)
4: King Ghidorah
5: Angirus
6: Gigan

So what do ya friends? lets get the topping going.

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