Any fungi lovers on the forums?

As well as having a deep interest and fascination in AND with the Fungi Kingdom? Including mushrooms, toadstools, and slime molds as well as truffles, lichens, and morels?

I know that I do here and have been interested in AND fascinated with the Kingdom of Fungi for quite a long time now. Overall the Fungi Kingdom/Kingdom of Fungi is pretty cool, neat, awesome, amazing, and mesmerizing as well as (of course) interesting and fascinating :grin: :smile: :relaxed:

Side-note: Sometimes I would see a good handful of toadstools pop/grow out around parts of my residential neighborhood including at my house especially either on VERY rainy days or when we have rainy weather for several straight days in a row :slight_smile:

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Well, I do like to step on them! :athletic_shoe:

the best are Psylocibin mushrooms. We used to pick them and make tea with them. the hardest trip ever!

I love the eatable ones =3

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Can’t say I’m fascinated by them because I haven’t much seen them in the wild. I just see them when served with food.

Though, I’m not a big fan of eating them separately or alone. However they do great in complimenting foods with the right types. Strips of wood ear served in hot and sour soup are magestic!

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I’m sure @STORM179 loves mushrooms now. :joy:

cordysecps baby, the reality that mushroom can controls minds is balling.