Any football fans around?

I was wondering if anyone is planning to yell and scream and question every decision their team makes over the next 17 or so Sunday afternoons like i will be?

Why the hell is it that the only thing that comes the bills way is flags I swear if that isn’t some ol bullshit then I don’t know what is.

Sure will

wooo! Um, Sports! ya! Do I fit in now? lol

I’m happy that my Buccaneers are doing well in their preseason games so far, I have high hopes that this could be a really solid year for us.

I’m a bit of a fair weather Cowboys fan. My travel schedule means I miss a lot of games and I’m not likely to get too bent when they self destruct, but I enjoy watching the games when I can.

Your Bucs just got through opening up the screen door of a defense that is my Browns the other day. Id say your season under Winston and Mike Evans looks pretty bright.

I’ve only been following the team for about four years (since I got into football) but I’ve had to listen to plenty of trash talking about my team.

I will be really nice to see my team do well!

Jags fan here. I’d be happy with a .500 record at this point.

Wernt they about to move a few years back? Some thought that theyd go to LA or something?

Just a rumor. Since Khan bought the team he’s put a ridiculous amount of money into stadium upgrades.