Any FFXIV players?

Warriors of Light REPRESENT! Joisey Dragon of Mateus Server here. Shoutouts to my FC, Royal High Society! I’m a i213 MNK Main, with PLD ( i200 ) as my secondary.

I stopped playing right after Christmas due to personal reasons, but FFXIV is an awesome MMO.
If the Red Mage ever becomes a class, I am going definitely gonna play it again. :3

Well, As far as new classes go, SAM and RDM are definitely quite requested. Oddly enough Red Mage has been requested totally different from it’s FFXI counterpart. People want RDM as a Melee DPS. Samurai was actually supposed to be what Dark Knight is right now.

Red Mage wouldn’t work as it did in FFXI. The gameplay system in FFXIV is too different. Square just threw classes into FFXI without thinking of balance and such, where FFXIV is alot more balanced and they try to make the classes feel different and unique from eachother, hence why a Red Mage as it was in FFXI just couldn’t work for obvious reasons.

… To those who don’t know what a Red Mage is, it is basically a mage who can do White Magic (healing, protection spells etc) and Black Magic (elemental destructive magic), AND wear armour and wield weapons for melee combat - but it doesn’t excel in any of those things. More a jack-of-all-trades.

However, the system in FFXIV is very specific in that there are Tank classes, Healer classes and Damage Dealing classes (ranged and melee). So, the way alot of people have suggested the Red Mage to be is basically a melee spellcaster/supporter, someone who uses his sword (which is usually a rapier) to channel spells through, tap life/mana from the enemy and use that to heal and/or buff himself and his allies.

And personally, I think that could work really well.

RDM could actually bring life to the currently irrelevant Elemental resistance mechanic in the game. We could get alot of the classic Enspells from XI that some of the FFXIV enemies use!

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