Any characters similar to Necalli in KI?

Necalli is my main in SFV, and I really love his playstyle. Are any characters in this game similar to him?

maybe try Saberwulf or thunder they might fit your style.

Hmmmmmmmm…let’s see…wulf…ummmmmmmm TJ or perhaps…eyedol?

I’ve heard Necalli has DP?, Wulf doesn’t have invencible wakeup without shadow same as TJ Combo. But Thunder and Eyedol (warrior stance) have =)

Necalli (from what I understand as someone who just googled how he plays a few moments ago and has no personal prior experience) is some variant of rushdown.

Based on that little tidbit, our rushdown characters from the top of my head are:
-Thunder (though he’s often classified as a grappler)
-TJ Combo (he can do some grappling as well)
-Tusk (to an extent, he’s more of a meander-down)
-Eyedol (warrior head)

Which of these works most effectively as a Necalli substitute is kinda lost on me, but they seem like good places to start.

Hope you enjoy your stay in the KI community, friendo!

Thanks, I think I might check out Wulf tomorrow! I heard he’s all about pressure and frame traps, which is what I’m looking for. Also Tunder could work, I’ve been meaning to pick him up anyway, since his design is so BAD ■■■!

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Based on your profile pick and what I’ve seen on your Xbox profile (I added you in case you ever want to practice :slight_smile: ) you’d probably like RAAM as well, if you’ve got the patience.

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I think you’d move over to Thunder pretty well. He seems to have superior versions of almost all of Necalli’s tools. The only thing you miss out on as far as I can tell is Necalli’s V-skill. Thunder used to have a move called Call of the Sky which did something similar and hit airborne opponents too, but it wasn’t very effective in practice so they replaced it with a move that gave Thunder a one-use dash buff to help him get in.

Wulf is a pressure monster, yeah. Among his disgusting normals he has a crouching light button that’s +4 (!) on block that barely pushes back and causes flipout if it hits a jumping opponent, and a command normal that brings you back in with plus frames and is chargeable for even better effects (full charge is unblockable). He also has incredible normals for footsies, a dash that crosses up from more than a character length away, a fast high-low mixup as far back as midscreen, etc. I don’t think he’s all that similar to Necalli really, though.

Check out the character pages on Infil’s guide to get a better sense of what Wulf and Thunder are about, as well as to see if there are other characters that you might be into even more.

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“Meander-down” made me lol.


KI does not have character who act tough and get their ■■■ kicked by everyone, I think.


I play Necalli in SFV as well. In KI I play Hisako and ARIA. Neither of which are similar to Necalli, but last night there was a Necalli player at WNF with a Hisako shirt so maybe there’s something there!

TJ Combo has an horizontal rushdown move and stomps like Necalli.
Wulf is a much more intense rushdown character than Necalli but not as versatile.
Fulgore is a variation on the shoto concept like Necalli is also a variation on the shoto concept. If you play rushdown with Fulgore he’ll have some Necalli similarities for sure.

I don’t think there’s any character quite like Necalli, it really depends what you consider to be Necalli’s key concepts. If it’s the DP, then there a few KI characters with DP. If it’s the stomps then it gets trickier. If it’s the disc’s guidance then there are loads of KI characters with horizontal specials.

I would say Thunder is most like Necali.
He has the command grab
the Dp
the triple axe

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Thunder is a bit slow and with a crap jump, but he does have similar tools. It really depends what you think makes Necalli, Necalli.

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Eyedol. He has the DP in one stance, and has a stomping attack in the other lol

Just off of move utility, I’d suggest Thunder. Good buttons, DP, and command grabs. He’s slower than Necalli and missing the v-skill, but his sammamish follow-ups actually cover some of the same mid-range threat roles.

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I’d say Riptor might fit well into a Necalli player’s playstyle.

You got some ghetto zoning with the mortars and flame carpet.

You’ve got excellent mobility (not with a very fast dash, but with run).

You’ve got really good normals with great reach.

You’ve got very good pressure up close, with frame traps and high/low mixups for days.

And you’ve got really good jumping normals to deter AA’s with j.HK’s amazing reach (which can serve the same purpose as Necalli’s divekick, in screwing with your opp’s AA timing).

What you haven’t got, though, is a command grab (you have a running grab, though :P) or a meterless DP.

As mentioned, Thunder might be a good option as well, even if he is quite a lot slower than necalli. But he does have his tele-dash, when charged up or in instinct, which will help with that.

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I agree, Thunder is more of a Necalli type than the other KI characters, including Wulf…

I didn’t play much Necalli when I played SFV, but I’d definitely say Thunder is closest. He has a DP, command grab, and great pressure up close.

I agree with thunder as I’ve played Necalli and I see a lot of similarity to thunder aesthetic