Any chance something hype could get announced at KIWC 2018?

Like, hints for sequel or Ultimates for rest of cast?


I believe KIWC is happening later in the year than usual. If that’s the case then E3 will come first. Although I’m doubtful that a KI sequel will be announced this year, but if it does then E3 will be the perfect place to announce and then maybe we’d see the first gameplay or character breakdown at KIWC.

Like I said, I’m not hopeful but my fingers are crossed.

Where did you hear that? Just curious. Been looking around and I can’t seem to find anything that refers to a date or even estimation of a date for KIWC 2018.

I certainly hope so. Season 3 ended fifteen months ago and the last post-seasonal character arrived six months ago. If KIWC happens in the latter part of 2018, then if Season 4 or KI4 happen, that would seem to be a place to announce it.

MS seems to be recommitting to exclusive games / first party content, or at least that’s been the response from Phil after the gaming media’s really picked up on just what a dreadful year Xbox has had from that perspective.

So would that make for an “all announcements we can muster at E3” situation? Well, I would’ve thought that in 2017, so I don’t know how desperate MS would be for KI.

Just a complete (and biased / hopeful) guess on my part, but I’d think that E3 will be reserved for Forza Horizon 4, Halo 6, new announcements, etc. Perhaps they’d leave KI season 4 to be announced directly to its own diehard fan base at KIWC?

Of course, if KI actually gets a full on sequel, I’d be rather surprised if there wasn’t an E3 announcement.

Either way, I’m really hoping that KIWC has some fun announcements for fans. If not KI4 or season 4, maybe stuff like ultimates for the rest of the cast, color 10’s for more characters, more Shadow Lords missions, items, guardians, dossiers, rewards, story vids… maybe a new outfit or two for characters or even a new character and / or stage.

Maybe I’m naive, but I still think that people want more of this series. I think that the 2013 iteration was welcomed by older fans, but it also built up a following among newer fighting game fans as well. It’s a fun, unique gameplay experience that’s easy to learn, with tons of depth and cool ideas. Whether it’s a full on sequel or a few more character colors for the current game, I really hope we get more of it.

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Brandon confirmed the last wc would be in fall 2018. Which if they were to announce a sequel this year (don’t think that’ll happen) wouldn’t be bad timing. All the other major fighters will have long since had their initial hype died down.

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(Hope it will be a introduction to 2013’ No Mercies) :smiley:

I don’t expect a new game to be announced. Unless they’re doing the Xbox Insider Program thing and allow people to buy it in advance, essentially play the game while its being developed. Like the seasons but less expensive. (presumably)

It’s either more physical merch or KI character/content for another game. .

But there shouldn’t HAVE TO have a special announcement, just enjoy the event…Please :pray:t6:

If anything a big announcement like a sequel will show up at E3. Won’t get my hopes up however. That being said if it does happen I’ll celebrate.