Any chance for S1 re-release?

Would there be any chance for IG to release S1 and online play? The exact same way it was before they took over. I’d buy it if they released it.

They already discussed this a long while back and said no. For the sake of the competitive scene it’s best that all of the people playing KI are playing in the same environment with the same rules. Keeps it easy for TOs, competitors, and viewers to all be on the same page.


“hey IG, thanks for all the work you’ve put in to Killer Instinct. New characters, Stages, Modes, Improved graphics etc but we don’t care about any of that. Just re-release season 1 please.” :roll_eyes:

Come on guys start showing a bit more respect. There is obviously a ton of reasons this will never happen.


It’s not a disrespect thing. It’s just my opinion on what version I like more. And a simple question. No need to take what I asked out of context.

You can still use the S1 Combo Breaker disc to play that version, but only offline. I’m afraid that’s the best you’ll get.

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And I just recently did this myself I have a thread about it here:

It also has a how-to tutorial in the thread as well as how to unlock S1 Ultra content, if you ever got the S1 Ultra pack…It unlock retros for Jago, Glacius, and Sabrewulf, but they were the only ones with retros on that build.