Any announcements today?

maybe today or tomorrow regarding announcements?

My counter breaker intuition is tingling. just as my combo feels long enough to warrant a counter breaker so to do I feel that the days have gone on long enough for me to ask this question.

eheheh the thirsty is real

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The last new info we had was Rash’s colors on the 7th. 3 days ago. We have 19 days left. We still need 1 more story which comes next Monday, the 14th.

We’re also going to get Kim Wu’s Colors soon (I think Tuesday).

I wonder if they spread their information a little thin, or if it’s just the days that are creeping by so slow.

Are the composers not releasing a new music part today like rash’s last week?

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You are right! Be on the look out on Celldweller’s YouTube channel!

Edit: I thought I was forgetting something.

It’s 7 AM over on the West coast, so I’m not expecting to hear anything for a few hours, yet. They typically seem to update around 1PM and 6PM here on the East coast.

Best announcement would be:

No Purples Shadow moves, after considering it looks dumb, over-saturated colors. Revert to classic way

Fixed Kim Wu to have more fluid animations, a woman’s face and less effects.

No more Guest Characters

then it would be great and soften the blow that we only get 3 stages and 1 ultimate on 1 character…

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Why does everyone hate Kim’s face. It looks fine!


lol :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Totallly agree.

All female characters look like females and unique. I can remember the horror of Injustice and characters like Raven…

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Where in gods name do you guys find all this info? You guys covering all the social media from game scores to…well…im not sure what else really. I can see atlas plug and coldwell having twiiter, youtube and such. You guys just scour social media right? I think what im saying is, If there’s a secret club. Ya’ll better let me in!

“No more Guest Characters”

you’re going to be dissapointed

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Maybe just stop talking about things which can potentially get you banned; people have already BEEN banned because of yesterday, and I’d like to be able to participate in threads without having you seeding the potential for thread closing actions everywhere.


well they’ve already publicly stated there will be 3 guest characters

so are IG going to ban themselves?

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No, but they have made it very clear that leaks, real or not, are not welcome here.

Wait for the official announcements about stuff, or shut up. I shouldn’t have to tiptoe around threads I’m already participating in for fear of land mines.


Nothing is wrong with her face, she looks Korean - not going to be some type of model or whatever.

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Well spider man is supposed to finally be revealed in today’s civil war trailer. Does that count?

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but no one is dropping any here

dont know what you’re complaining about.

the 3 guest character thing is public knowledge stated by IG themselves.

I never remember them saying “3” guest characters. Just “guest characterS”.

@rukizzel can you confirm?

All I know of that they have stated officially was “more than one” back at the S3 announcement.

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