Any 80s AND 90s kids on the forums?

Are any of you guys 80s AND 90s kids on the official Killer Instinct/Iron Galaxy forums?

I know that I am definitely a 90s kid right here: I was born in the year 1984 and so grew up in as well as lived through the 90s/throughout the 90s decade. Overall I am proud to be a 100% bona-fide 90s kid :smile: :sunglasses:

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Born in the 80’s and lived in the 90’s. Not mentioning specifics, as I don’t like getting years older, or announcing it.

Born in the 80’s, But remember the 90’s better and more fondly. By the way, Thanks for making me feel old KIFANATIC.

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Yep, born in 1988 and lived in the 90’s.

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'84 FTW right here, bro! :tv:

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We’re not about to become some Breakfast Club, support group are we?

And early 30’s isn’t that old…is it?

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90s kid, yep! Born just in time to grow up during em. Still have a couple of my old systems, which is really nice. Would love to get the original KI game cartridges some day!

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90’s kid right here :slight_smile:

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Born in 1989 I’m a90’s kid.
I’ve watched Power rangers, Animaniacs, and all that other stuff.

fun Fact: I was a lucky kid in thew 90’s I had both a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo

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I didn’t born yet… I live in my mom’s womb.


90’s kid over here.

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Born In '91 With The Soul Of A Old Man.

Me. I was doing 45+ hit Ultras at 5 years old in the arcades.

why the f**k you lying, why you always lyin…lol

Why you always hatin stuff I can do that you can’t?

Orchid too. Combo breaker. B, F + Hk and only get last kick to confirm, lp auto triple, B, F + Hk, lp auto triple, B, F + Hk , lp auto triple, B, F + Hk , B B HK, half circle F to B + MP, B, F + Mp…Qcf +Lp. Lab it yourself and its more than 45.

dont trip TexAce, its all fun and games son…

Its cool bro. I’m just a little hostile after a long weekend of no sleep into a full work day

But foreal, I practiced that combo for almost a year before pulling it off in the arcades at 5. I could only do back foward motions back then until I was like 7 . I wouldn’t do the half circle foward to back +MP right before the Ultra until I got the input down. If I remember right, its 48 total hits or 47 minus the half circle F to B + MP

1’ had kind of caught the later end. Still remember Goosebumps tv series and the tick.

I was born in 82. I’ve seen so much change, I’ve got so much to tell but that’d be too much. I loved the 80s and the 90s.

I wish I could get replays of wcw, Monday nitro at the advent of the N.W.O. that’s one thing I loved about the 90s, wrestling was awesome to watch and for comedy, In living color.

Man, now it’s 2015. Where has time gone?