Ant man and the Wasp trailer

OK, I relate MORE to Tony Stark than I do Superman. But hey I play Injustice 2 and i cant stand MvC! So that counts for something right?

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I hate to barge in, but I happen to be someone who’s looking forward to Marvel’s films than DC’s largely because Marvel is better at making their characters much more cooler and relatable on film than DC.
Sure, I would like to see DC step up on their game, but the problem with their films after seeing Man of Steel and Batman v Superman is that the characters are thinly written, the stories are poorly paced, and the villains don’t come off threatning. And while it sucks that DC has a problem with making their films more interesting, at the end of the day, I just want to see a good superhero movie, and I give props to Marvel for doing so many times before.


Mine did.

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I actually liked a lot of Man of Steel and especially the exploration of what it would like to be Clark Kent and the frustration associated with a lifetime of hiding and not exercising your strength. The other DC movies I could pretty much take or leave. Wonder Woman is good, but not as good as I expected based on the reputation.

If people have criticisms of the films you disagree with, then I think it’s fine to discuss that. But really when you start comparing what film is “better” it’s just pointless. I don’t wish for any DC movies to fail just because I want Marvel movies to succeed. That doesn’t help. And I will never understand some people’s determination to convince other people that the movies they like are bad. It doesn’t seem healthy.


I’m a HUGE fan of Man of Steel, liked Suicide Squad, despised (utterly despised) Batman v Superman, and thought Justice League was actually pretty cool - I liked it quite a lot. WW was solid and enjoyable.

For me, my problem with DC movies has tended to be that I think they have often been joyless slogs, and at their worst they’ve mucked up core tenets of who these characters are. My favorite Nolan movie is still Batman Begins - I think Dark Knight is technically a better movie, but Begins is the only one I’ve watched multiple multiple times over, because it’s the one to me that has the most heart and hope. The others largely forgot about that, and I like them less accordingly. But even I think those tones mostly worked because that is an aspect of who Batman is, and I think it’s ok to capture that even if it’s not my personal preference. But adopting that kind of bleak tone is a bad call for Superman, because at his core Superman is a hopeful and optimistic character. Man of Steel alluded to that fact even if it didn’t dwell on it, but then they went full-on dark and “edgy” for BvS, to the detriment of both Batman and Superman.

I think that at its core, Marvel has mostly remembered that comics are supposed to be fun, and they’ve done well at embracing that in their works. Not all their films are strong (Iron Man 2), and sometimes they go overboard (Thor 3, which is easily my least favorite of the Thor movies), but for the most part they’ve hit more than they’ve missed, and I think that’s great. They’ve hit because their movies are fun and enjoyable, and perhaps more importantly, because they’ve treated the cores of their characters with respect and care. Cap does the right thing even when it isn’t easy, Peter Parker is a kid who wants to do the right thing but has to balance heroics and high school, and Banner is a man at war with himself. We forgive Marvel’s weak villains and standard plots because the heroes themselves are fleshed out, relatable, and true to who these character are and what they stand for.

I don’t want Marvel to start making bad movies or keep making Thor 3’s so that DC gets love - I want DC to make great and entertaining movies that fundamentally get who Superman and Batman and Green Lantern are. I want DC to show why these characters are beloved and worth striving to emulate. Stop trying to impress with “grit” and “realism” and “edge”, and strike at the core of what make these characters heroes.


Yes. Yes Yes. Yes Yes Yes

I just want the total oversaturation of super hero movies to chill out now, I used to love x-men and Batman (Tim Burton and animated series) but now I’d like it if they just stopped (though I did like Gotham). I think maybe I’m just far too cynical to see these movies being pumped out one after the other as anything other than a cash grab.

There’s something to the oversaturation issue. Keep in mind you don’t have to go see anything you don’t want to. But it helps to remember that ALL movies are cash grabs. As far as I’m concerned if Marvel can maintain the quality and variety of the movies they are putting out then there’s no real reason for them to slow down.

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Apparently the reviews for Black Panthers premier are in from the other night…and it is supposedly amazing! Im excited to see it!
The majority of the talk wasnt abut Chadwick Bowes/ Black Panther… the majority of the great reviews were about Michael B Jordan / Killmonger and what a spectacular job he does in the movie.

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Now we need a post-credits in the MCU’s inevitable Fantastic Four movie with Cap, Killmonger, and The new Human Torch.

Apparently there is a group of people trying to gang up on the rotten tomatoes viewers rating bring down the score due to unfair treatment of DC films.

Is that you @CausingThought6 ?? lol

No. I don’t have the motivation to do anything other than rant. Plus, if I were to try something like this. I would not do it to black panther. Too much is riding on it as far as social equality goes.

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Yeah man I was just kiddin, a follow up video was released a hour or so ago apparently they were able to squash the movement some how. I havent watched it in full.

As a fellow Lantern fan, the word needs to be spread. I don’t trust DC to make a decent movie, but that part of the universe is so unexplored and worth making multiple movies about. The Blackest Night storyline would be amazing to watch unfold.

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