Ant man and the Wasp trailer


Cool! I like Evangeline Lilly! Marvel just keep cranking out the hits!

Is it bad that I’m now silently hoping for every marvel movie to bomb hard to get rid of their perfect reputation and make people more openly critical of flaws in their films.

Yes, I am a DC fan. Bite me.

My kids will go crazy over the giant pez dispenser.


I dont think its that serious… you either enjoy it or you dont. I happen to enjoy most of them. Thor 1 and 2 the only ones I dont care for.

I know I enjoy re-watching the Marvel films and that something i dont enjoy from the DC movies.

I went crazy over the giant Pez dispenser! I’d be hyper for a year! :smiley:

I mean I enjoy both but this is kinda harsh

To me, Marvel’s reputation weather deserved or not, comes across as arrogant. “Yeah, we ALWAYS make AWESOME movies and EVERYBODY loves them!” Come on! Especially when other people trying to do similar things are just accused of being “cheap knock offs” or “poor imitations”. It’s a vicious cycle. “We have an idea for a movie that happens to be similar to an existing franchise, but if we make it to similar we’ll be accused of being a ripoff, but if we make it to different we’re accused of not ripping off someone correctly!?!” That’s bullshit, monopolistic, and rampant throughout the movie and games industry. It’s why I HATE Disney and Nintendo and desperately want both companies to go through a period where they pump out nothing but crap for years and years so they loose their perfect reputation and everybody judges their work and competitors work on an even playing field.

Sorry for the rant, but this is a big problem to me.

You’re mad at companies for making good films? :confused:

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In a way, yes. But I’m more mad at what a string of nothing but quality in a row dose to the mindset of the consumer and how it generally seams to cause them to be more forgiving to the company that started making the content, and more harsh on competing companies trying to stay afloat. I don’t actually want these companies to fail, I just think that at this point it’s the only way to level the playing field and get people to be more reasonable.

Marvel is making better films and treating its characters with respect, especially in humanizing them.

DC is not doing that aside from Wonder Woman and Nolan’s batman films.

Everyone wants DC to do great, but they habitually punch themselves in the face.

Are you equally mad at Pixar for making (mostly) amazing animated films?


Your talking to someone who LIKES Man or Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. I see some problems with them, but they feel like valid interpretations of the characters and their stories that are fun to watch.

As for Pixar, yes, but not as much because the people trying to compete with them now are either genuinely terrible (blue sky, sony animation), or not really around anymore (Dreamworks :frowning:). So Pixar’s reputation isn’t really effecting the reputation of it’s competition.

The way to level the playing field is for said other companies to produce quality films. WB got high praise for Wonder Woman, because it was a good movie. Justice League was beleaguered with production problems, and while it was an okay movie, it hurt the over all package of which made the whole thing feel uneven.

It’s not up to successful companies to make “okay” movies so that other companies can compete, but to challenge those companies to find their niche and work with it.

Disney and Nintendo both have had their share of failures. The 80’s and then later the early 2000’s were brutal to Disney. films like the Black Cauldron, Treasure Planet, and even The Princess and the Frog, actually lost money for Disney. Nintendo lost big money on console flops such as the Virtual Boy (of which caused migraines), and the recent Wii U.

No company is immune to disaster, but the fact is, they rise above the negativity, because they produce over all good products.

Warner Brothers rushed hard to create their shared universe instead of just taking their time and making good movies. These films aren’t really THAT bad (cept Suicide Squad), but with the exception of a few films, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman, most were box office flops.


First, with how often Marvel movies come out, it’s a miracle they don’t feel rushed as well. How can anyone compete with how often they put them out without rushing along a little bit.

Second, I am a film student. I want to be part of this industry. But i’ve NEVER wanted to work for Disney. I never grew up with them (minus The Incredibles), and my fantasies were always with DC and Warner Bros. I don’t want my own work in the future to be unfairly judged because of who I work for. And with the amount of times I see a movie I like that dose poorly, and the complaint is not “it’s a bad movie” but “It’s not as good as X” well you can see why I can start thinking about that.

Also, the Nolan Batman movies don’t count. They are not Batman movies, they’re action movies staring a real world guy claiming to be Batman. (No Lazarus Pit, no Venom, no possible way to use Poison Ivy or Mr. Freeze) It’s Batman without any of the more fantastical elements that make it a superhero world. If Batman the Animated series can balance the two, why can’t a feature film.

Right off, you should never let others dictate how much you enjoy something or not. It’s cool that you like the DC films - I liked a few of them - but just because I (or anyone else) don’t like much of the output so far doesn’t mean that you should feel bad for liking them. I love a bunch of really bad movies (bad in acting, plot, box office performance) and I don’t care at all if everyone else doesn’t care for them.

?! But… batman is a real world guy. That’s the point of batman - he’s a thinking hero that relies on his intelligence and training to be “the world’s greatest detective” and beat meta-humans that he should not have a chance against. I don’t follow the rationale that you couldn’t add Poison Ivy or Mr. Freeze to that world - you certainly could - they may not be as “comical” as their previous incarnations, however. Sounds like you value the word “fantastical” as being not even possible in the real world.

…but if that’s the case, then how is Spider-Man : Homecoming both grounded and yet fantastical? Kid with real-world kid problems is also a super-hero on the side, and tries to juggle both. He certainly does stuff that no human can do, yet still can have a conversation that’s grounded in real-world issues about being a kid in high school.

My critique on DC is that they aren’t connecting their characters to “human” flaws and behaviors. They’re meta-human gods for the most part that don’t play in the world we’re in - it’s set dressing that they’re on Earth.

If you’re studying film (which I also did) then you should know that good characters are ones you can empathize with - you don’t need to sympathize with them - but you must empathize. DC seems to have forgotten that part, which Marvel has as their mantra.

Believe me, I’d kill for a GREAT Green Lantern film - I love that mythos and the world - but DC needs to stop thinking they’re making films from the 80s and actually give a crap about dementionalizing its characters, IMO.

Fun conversation!


Nolan said he didn’t want to do anything that couldn’t be done in the real world. In the real world the accidents that created mr. Freeze and poison ivy would have killed them. The best you could do would be a guy with a liquid nitrogen gun and a girl obsessed with plants. I’m not saying that the films can’t be grounded, I’m saying Nolan didn’t want to embrace EVERYTHING the Character and world is.

On the other topic. DC needs to do two things. Fire Zack Snyder and stop meddling with the project in post.

I feel like I can relate to the Marvel heros… Tony Stark, Black Widow, Captn’, Starlord, ect…

I dont feel that way with DC … and the DC movies so far to me have had bad endings…even Wonder woman was great until she turned into wonder woman and jumped from a 2 story roof in front of all the WW1 guys and then fought harry Potters teacher. lol

IMO Tony Stark is the best out of them all! Thats how I like my super hero. Starlord is cool too!

100% agreed

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Okay. I’m going to stop you there. It’s a myth that you can’t relate to Ultra-powerful heroes. It’s just a hard thing to do. Ideally, DC stories aren’t about overcoming the odds and winning against something more powerful than you. Superman is the story of an immigrant facing the challenge of home vs. heritage. Wonder Woman is about a foreigner trying to do the right thing in a world she didn’t grow up in or understand. And all of them are about doing the right thing, even if it means it’s not the easiest way to get it done.

It’s why i’m excited for Aquaman. A cool character and Snyder isn’t directing.