Another question about cross-play

How will the matchmaking will work in Season 3? Can I choose to play only against pc players? Or it will mixed between Xbox and pc?

From what I’ve heard, everyone plays in the same ecosystem. The whole point of introducing crossplay/crossbuy with PC is to avoid splitting up the community, ya know?

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I’ve heard differently. On the stream someone said you will be able to, at least on Xbox, disable fighting against PC players.

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Why is that an option?

Thank for replying :slight_smile:

No idea. And I don’t remember to have heard if the contrary is also possible.

No prob.

Can cosplay cross-play?! Sorry, that was bad, horrible lol.

Just seems counter intuitive to bring KI onto PC and then have an option to not want to play with more people.

SF V on PC features the option of either playing with everyone, or limiting your searches to PC only. I’m not sure what the rationale for this is. Likewise, I don’t see the rationale for having an xbox only toggle for KI either, unless it’s just there to make people paranoid about mods, cheating and macros feel better.

Since the forum seems to be pro toggle lately, I doubt anyone will complain about having the option.

While I have every intention of freely playing against both Xbox and PC players, I will be first in line looking for an Xbox-only limitation for matchmaking if we start running into rampant hacking or non-cosmetic changes through mods from PC players. That may, hopefully, never be an issue, but I also don’t want to spend time fighting uphill battles against cheaters, either. Lag-switching has already been enough of a frustrating (though rare) problem.

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Since the performance test only applies to ranked matches (I think?), it seems like it would be useful for guaranteeing 60fps exhibition matches. Rollback netcode with unstable framerates suuuuucks.

That said, I think I’d rather see the PC version require a performance test for all online modes, except maybe private matches?

I believe it was Isaac who was explaining the cross-play option for KI during the stream on Keits’ channel. Not sure why its there because PC players will need to pass a performance test to play online anyway. I guess its so that they aren’t flooded with requests for another toggle?

I’ll be playing with the toggle on but one bad experience with playing someone that’s on PC in ranked and it’s going off instantly

people pcs might not be able to handle cross play