Another Potential Application For Lvl 4 Enders

Another thread mentioned using them for lvl 4 shadow enders only. It is a good idea, but it might be hard to implement into the game. I have another idea that would be simple to put ingame, and would please both sides.
Instead of it happening every time you do a lvl 4 ender, it should happen every lvl 4 ender that ends a round. This way its;

  • Easy (probably) to code in with the existing system
  • Makes them more rare, keeping them fresh longer
  • Does not interfere with the flow of gameplay
  • Allows for both animations for lvl 4 enders in the game, so everbody can enjoy the glory of both
  • Makes sense in that such a dramatic move would knock the opponent out, or end the game

How do you guys feel about this idea?


I was thinking about this. Yes, totally agreed, I love the idea.

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I agree with you! It’s good idea!

I already suggested this in a different thread about The Lvl 4 Enders. :slightly_smiling:

It’s a great idea and solves a lot of potential issues.

If IG/MS are attached to this new lvl 4 ender effect and MUST put it in the game, then I think this is a great idea. It would solve alot of problems being brought up, and would be a compromise to those on both sides of the issue.

I’d be perfectly happy with the crazy effects going off at the end of the round. In fact that’s what I originally thought they were.
If it goes off to end a round, it’s far less likely to interfere with juggles or positioning after a big ender, and helps add to the punctual “this hurts” vibe they seem to be going for.
Granted I hope the effect itself still needs a lot of work, but it would certainly be a more fun application of the new enders.

Another alternative idea: apply the effect to combo enders which result in a specific amount of damage.

For example: combos which do 50% or more are ended with the blackout effect.

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I honestly was thinking of this working to because honestly: I don’t want this lvl4 ender to be a wasted oppurtunity to make the fights more exciting. It ends the round so it isn’t like you’re wasting anything or taking any bad risks.

Not only that but it gives me a better reason to look at the so called “awesome enders” to actually FEEL like it satisfying in a finish. I’d pick these over doing Ultras any day.

So yes OP I support this fully and to spread the word.

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Honestly look back on this, Im going to feel REALLY disappointed if the animation always occurs instead of happening at the end of the round. I’ve been thinking about how amazing it would be if it only happened then, and honestly I can’t look back on it. I extremely hope and pray that IG will listen to us. Anyways, if you agree, or disagree, make sure you post here to they can read what the community really wants.

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I’d like to see this type of passion and exploration of suggestions when they actually release the game to us.

It’s like asking the chef in his restaurant how he’s going to make your meal

Have they actually delivered Crap in the past to us? I’m trusting them.

While this is a good idea for us who want nothing to do with them, this doesn’t fix the issue, it just hides it under a rug.

The first issue is that it just looks low quality. It looks bad, why would anyone want to end a match with a sour taste on their mouth.

Secondly, it doesn’t hide the fact that a lot of the enders don’t connect with body parts. At the end of a match you will still see Jago and his opponent floating next to each other with them not touching.

Lastly, it’s still is not as impactful as the current level 4 enders. Look at them in comparison. The regular ender has shockwaves that spread across the stage showing how powerful the attack is and the stage behind gets destroyed as well. How is the other new ender which removes both of those things more impactful and climactic. When I end the match I want that hype and powerful final DP not them floating in the air together. I like you’re suggestion but it doesn’t fix the issue. It just places it at the end of a match.


You’re very super serious about this, but this is simple: people who like it get to like it, and you don’t have to worry about it showing up.

It isn’t as hard for you to deal with because you don’t have to do an ender. Don’t wanna see it? just don’t do the level 4 ender at the end of a fight. I also want to add that because it’s at the end of a round it isn’t gonna cost you anything not to do the lvl 4 ender.

For those of who do like it, we’re not gonna get screwed over. You may not like the new lvl 4 enders but it still remains to be your opinion and yours alone, just as those who do like the new lvl 4 enders like it and it remains to be our opinion.

Push comes to shove there’s plenty of time for the devs to polish up the camera angle switching.

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I agree that this doesn’t really solve the problem, it just reduces it a bit. Level 4 damage enders often end a round so we will still see it quite a bit.

Why should we reduce the problem when we can outright solve it (by going back to the old enders)?

If it happens at the end of the round, it’s still janky, still hides the stage, still shows the models not actually hitting each other, etc.

And actually, another problem arises: as soon as you do the ender, you’ll know whether you are dead or not (if the new camera angle is shown or not). This reduces a lot of the tension at the end of a round where you aren’t sure if you’re going to survive an ender, which I really like. You get a lot of “whoa he’s still alive!” or “holy crap that did so much damage!” moments that are totally lost this way.

I mean… it’s not the END of the world to lose this (I would be sad, but I guess I would get over it), but you see how every possible “fix” to this problem just keeps adding more problems on top? Why don’t we just cut the very obvious problem out, rather than try to tweak it so that it’s slightly less bad (but still bad)?


Nice Idea, still they need to be polished

I like this idea. They said that you’re gonna be able to turn off the animations entirely, but I’d set it to this if it was implented. They could put it as a third option, like OFF, ALL, or ROUND END.

Next up ‘a request to turn on level 4 enders only when I open my garage door’

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