Another music discussion and speculation thread

I can’t seem to find a music thread at the moment, but as a blind person I really, really like the music in KI.
I keep on promoting it as some of the best stuff I’ve heard, especially Aganos’s and also, for some reason, Riptor’s. Tj Combo’s theme also has some awesome lyrics.
It’s actually left me wondering just how much music is in the game. There seems to be several variations in each track, rkosmic keeps getting ten minute rips. But then you’ve got the stage ultra notes, the little combo breaker things that I don’t know what to call them and of course, idle themes. Me and @SightlessKombat keep discussing this, well it’s mostly me mentioning it to him a lot.
Lastly, I’m wondering and happy to speculate in terms of how season 3 is going to handle the music, as it seems taht each character will still ahve dynamic themes. Do you think it’ll be a new menu? An option below stage select perhaps? An overryde where if you pick an s3 character without a stage, their theme will play?

Maybe it will just allow a select of themes, or maybe a character that shares a stage will be specific to a certain theme

1- Mira rounds on Maya stage city of dawn will play Mira theme but still have same Maya stage every time you fight her


2-Mira stage is a darker night version of Mayas stage, so if you are playing Mira it will automatically play Mira theme on city of (dusk)

There will be a select theme option at beginning of round where one gets to choose what theme plays on what stage pre-fight like soul calibur has had for years, it’s nothing new

It may be nothing new, but it’s extremely tricky as there’s no way to tell if you’ve got the correct music, especially if there’s other options in that menu too

i suggest having a look at soul calibur game select screen at the start of a fight to understand. If you don’t, you’ll still believe that it’s ‘tricky’

As a blind person I didn’t even know Soul Calibur had that option. I’ve never been able to figure out how to change things, only to select a stage. Unless I was selecting music all along? This has just made things… quite interesting.

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The more you know …:sparkling_heart: