Another loss?

I apologize in advance for this post but I wanted to know what happened to Zerg? He deleted his Twitter and just disappeared from KI.

I normally wouldn’t ask but being as passionate about KI that I am, I tend to have more concerns about the community and try to be actively involved with what occurs.

Edit: I know this post is a tad late but yeah.

He’s @Zerg_Killer on twitter now.

who was zerg

Used to play Spinal until Aganos came out. Then he’s been one of the leading provider of tech and tournament showings for Aganos.


I’m sure he still supports the game though?

Doesn’t seem like he’s supporting it…

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Yeah I saw that but then I saw him playing KI 2 days ago. I’m sure he loves the game but just not the community. Not sure why but it is what it is.