Annoucing of anncouncement: Fulgore Blend

I would like to announce that I am announcing a fulgore Blend announcement.

Just a little friendly community wager that If there isn’t any news today< I’ll make a Fulgore Smoothy.

Tune in at 12:01AM PST.

You ain’t got the cojones my friend.


Now the question is,will you drink it?


Just to make it interesting Ill even blend the Cutom color 1 code unscratched

Nah, let me have the code lol first come first serve :wink:

Good thing robots aren’t big thing…yet Or else you might have or have not gotten a knock on your door. And it wouldn’t be UPS…

Here I am living off of ramen noodles and care packages when this thread pops up, OP threatening to put a figure that costs more moolah than I make in a week.

Dude, calm down. The game comes out in TWO DAYS, I’m pretty sure most if not all of the news we’ll be getting is already got until launch. The only thing left is tomorrows blog post about the Tusk accessories and colors that some of us have already seen.

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Do it lol

oh man im sorry if u feel that way. Im not threatening anything or anyone. I love the people here in the forums with all my heart. Calm down bro. Im sure the entirety of the internet collective must upset you.

I’m sorry we have to break it to you bud, but threatening to blend or destroy something frivolous you purchased with excess cash over not getting game information that still has nearly thirty-six hours to be declared… it kind of screams first world entitlement.

Sigh…Glad to know you can jump inside my head and extract my intentions of this post. Instead of throwing that cliche “first world entitlement” phrase around, how about you embrace it to the fullest and appreciate we live in a country where we can do these things. If you happen to be a resident of said country, how about we all turn around and help a fellow human being behind us. Ur post implies that Im not concern about the less fortunate and my Tax return would like to have a word with you about donating


I think you should do it none the less. :3

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I’m not angry, son. I’m just disappointed.


And it’s nice to know you feel so guilty about being called out that you’re backtracking and using weak arguments to try and drag me down with you. Notice, I referenced that the action you committed caused the implication. I made no reference to your intentions. You acting this way seems pretty juvenile and entitled. That’s merely the way it looks.

And before you make yourself look any worse, I actually work in the great country in question full-time as a caseworker for a non-profit organization. I make crap pay helping people worse off than me and still donate and volunteer on top of that. But please, let me see your tax return. I’d love to know all about your precious donations that you turn around and crank back into your own income by way of deductions and claims.

Before I thought you were acting silly, now I actually dislike you.

You my friend havent a clue. First world entitlement also implies that a person by default cant see past the issues of their own economic bubble. So u wanna throw those words around like a big man and shed poor light on a silly subject. People like you are the reason people are afraid to show people who they really are and feel ashamed about how they process the world around them. So u can sit back and act like I have rich-guilt or something and insult me further by saying I only donate for tax breaks. The problem with you is that your judgmental and people like that are usually worse human beings than the people they judge. Keep it on subject or ima start flagging you.

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You know what, we’re both out of touch. Neither one of us truly knows what the other is going through. I flew off the handle and I’m sorry about that. But don’t feed me that “judgmental people like you” line of crock. Everyone is judgmental. It is how we appraise the world, by seeing how other people act and approach it and comparing it to our inner compass. I blew up over yet another post complaining about a “lack of information” that felt it was necessary to threaten IG to get information that’s already in the pipe. My bad.

Please stop the bickering. A man wants to blend his Fulgore piece, lets watch him do it and judge him in silence like normal, pre-internet humans.

EDIT:- Just wanna say, I don’t think you should do it. Giving it away would be a better use of a figure you’re just going to destroy and may make someone way happier than it would you from destroying it.


The man inside me wants to see something get shredded and destroyed.

Do it! LOL

(Don’t PLZ)


ya. I’m sorry too if I offended you.
but to be clear, it wasn’t a threat for information. It was merely a personal bet with myself. Love ya bro :heart: