Angry Joe's Board Game Mash-Up Between Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat And Dragonball Z Is Coming

Angry Joe announced a new board game that uses characters from SF, MK, and DBZ. It would be nice to get KI in there too. Here is the link for the announcement.

Who at Microsoft needs to approve this? It will be great for promoting KI.

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Not a huge fan of the dude…

Cool! I agree, it would be cool if they added Killer Instinct too. But I doubt it would happen, at least soon. There are already Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Dragon Ball Z. It would take a lot of work to add yet another game. Each one is going to have its own KickStarter fund. It would take a lot of time and work to do it, and I’m not sure if Angry Joe is a Killer Instinct fan. But if somehow it was going to be made, it would most likely be after all of the others release. So yeah, it would be great, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Why you don’t like him? I’m curious…

One of his videos complaining about Nintendo’s policy really set me off. He just complained and acted as if he was entitled to whatever. While his reasoning made sense, he isn’t in charge of anything and acts as if he deserves all the rights from publishers and their making. I’m not a fan of nintendo’s policies either but voicing them in a professional and reasonable manner means everything, not like a lunatic child.

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