Angry Gamers..... Are you one?

Hey everyone.

I’m just wondering how is the guys and girls of the KI community when it comes to losing at the game.

Are you a rage angry destroying consoles or pc type of gamer? or are you peaceful?

Bellow is a video that shows how people take loss or should i say… gamers going EYEDOL on their properties. Please answer so i may get to know my fellow KI fiends.

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Am I angry? No, of course not! :innocent:

…at least most of the time. It’s rare, but just like anyone, I don’t like to lose. So, when I spend a huge chunk of my time losing, yeah, it can get to me. If you ask me though, it’s not about whether or not you get angry, because let’s face it - everyone has a breaking point and gets angry. What really matters is how you handle that aggression or channel it. For example, I get angry - I admit that, even as rare as it is. However, I don’t curse at my opponent or blame them or break my things - no, never that far. If I’m truly upset, you’ll hear 1 simple phrase from me - “I hope you choke on a doughnut while dying in a fire” …and nothing else. Otherwise, I may grumble to my brother about it, take a break for a while, release my aggression on my next opponent through the game itself, etc.

Most of the time though, if I lose, I simply analyze the fight (and I often do this DURING the fight). This way, I can see what happened - what I did wrong and what they did right. This way, I can learn from the experience, become a better player, and reduce the chances of having a bad match like that in the future (which in turn leads to fewer moments of weakness through anger).

Remember - if you can keep a cool head and your wits about yourself while thinking positively… You WILL go far. That can’t happen if you’re angry.

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Well said, @GalacticGeek, well said :clap:

I have hardly been raging with KI. With SF I have actually kind of smashed my fightstick through my table (the stick survived, the table not really). That was years ago, tho and I just stopped playing SF because it is one of the only games that can induce some serious rage in my person. Not proud of it but yeah.

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Never lost it against human oppenents. Similar to GalacticGeek, I try to analyze my own mistakes and my oppenent’s strategy. That’s fun to do and not so frustrating.

Also, I play for fun so I don care about records. I often take a character that I never used before online and practice in ranked matches. Naturally I will have a lot of losses before my first win.

As for single player, that’s a different story. Trying to unlock that Omen stage. I am happy my TE2 stick is sturdy, otherwise… I can still lose it from time to time in case of cheap AI.

Well I heard of this DSP guy who has trouble with AI and blames everything on lag.

Your temper as a gamer is a reflection of your life issues and your attitude towards everything.

Are you aggresive and/or immature? Do you have low self esteem? Do you suffer from anxiety? Is your reptilian brain taking over consistently?

When I was a kid, I got soooo angry trying to pass specially difficult sections of games. I smashed my controller countless times, because lowering the difficulty was unnaceptable for me. One could say I was “scrubbying” myself with homemade rules.

Now, I just lower the difficulty. If I still get stuck, I try a dozen more times till I look for a guide on Youtube, a walkthrough or a bypass. Younger me would have considered this a defeat. Older me has paid 60$ for a thing and I’m not allowing that thing to annoy me.

Mostly I play everything on easy these days. Witcher 3, Dragon Age… I’ve played many rpgs and

a)I’m not going to spend hours learning the mechanics of every new rpg to succeed on nightmare difficulty and…

b) …No, I will not repeat a high dragon fight where every try takes 25 minutes. I’ll kill him on the first try, or second. If not, I’ll leave.

Two years ago I had a particularly stressful period where my levels of anxiety where off the charts. Everytime I played ranked in KI and lost I’d punch myself in the leg till it got black and swollen. Every defeat was a reminder that I was a total loser and that I sucked at everything.One day I was even limping from the punches.

Now I’m fine and I don’t do that anymore, but it’s a combination of mental calmness + lack of issues + self control.

One funny thing to finish: "every time I was about to smash the xbox controller I thought “50 DOLLARS!!! 50 DOLLARS!!!” and that prevented me from landing the killing blow on the controller, just like Jago on Orchid.

The spirit of the tiger may be strong, but the fear of spending 50 bucks on a new controller is stronger.

In your face, Gargos.


I’m a more peacefully angry person when it comes to gaming.

What do I mean by this? I mean I’ll sit and rage, curse and swear, blame the game with accusations of glitches, bugs and of course other players of hacking or abusing the glitch switch, but I won’t start breaking things or throwing things around my room.

I remember back in '92 or '93 and I was loosing hard against M.Bison on SF2 turbo and I took my SNES pad by the cable and smashed it against my wooden bed frame, shattering the pad and scattering the buttons and casing everywhere in the room.

That was a valuable lesson, so now I’m just verbal with my rage. Normally an incoherent cluster of adjectives and curses that could only make sense to me, but it’s only heard by those in my party and not by my opponents, thankfully. I would start getting reported.

If I do start getting abuse in the PC chat box when playing, I will have my moment of rage and then translate it to the chat in a more diplomatic way. I’ll never go flat out in the chat box with my rage. Furthest I’ll go is FFS and such.

Nosgoth is one such game where I’ll leave my comments. It can be really infuriating getting put in a team that can not play, especially with the leagues right now.

ill rage, but you’ll never hear it over a mic. i quit talkin on it, mute it, and put it down then start fuming to myself while chugging down my usual bottle of water i keep with me while playing KI. ill also get up and pace around or go outside to catch some fresh air. my temper is extremely foul so i do things necessary to keep myself in check before i go postal on my stuff and surroundings lol. i also do my best to make light of it and try to laugh it off.

I used to be when I was younger. I once threw my playstation because someone had the nerve to beat me three times in a row using Eddy Gordo in Tekken 3 and just spamming the kick buttons. The system was fine, but the game flew out and shattered against the wall.

Before that, I threw a controller out the window, broken a few controllers by smashing them on the ground, and I once put a system in the freezer for an hour or two.

But it was the playstation incident that really opened my eyes to how angry I got when I played video games. I don’t think it was due to any other anger or stress in my life. I simply liked being the best at what I was playing and when someone that I didn’t think was better than me at a game would beat me, or I simply kept failing at a game, I’d get very frustrated.

Since then, however, I’ve been much more calm. I recognized the fact that I play to get enjoyment, have fun, and relax, not to get stressed or angry.

Sure, I’ll still throw out some cuss words here and there if I’m getting annoyed at Madden or cheesed out in a fighting game by someone that’s repeatedly doing something that I should be countering. But I now recognize that I have much more control over how I experience a game and I’ve been nowhere near that level that I was previously. Not for quite a while now.

Not me but I am notorious for getting other gamers mad :smiling_imp:

But seriously, why do people feel the need to break stuff over video games? Also, how do so many pad players break so many controllers? I’ve played on them for over 20 years now and not once have ever broken any controller to this day. All my buttons and d-pads work perfectly fine still.

I am so serene while gaming…

Going to have to disagree wholeheartedly with this statement.

I get angry with games because something unfair happened or angry at myself for not noticing/doing something etc. For instance when playing Neverwinter more often than not you will get lag where the game completely stops. When it resumes the dreaded “You Are Dead” screen appears with no chance at all to save yourself.

I own several business enterprises, I volunteer for my local community. In fact for a whole year I volunteered for an organization that helped elderly people in their homes. You certainly grow as a person when certain things come your way.

Yes I get angry at games however it certainly does not make me immature, it makes me human


If it is my fault that I lost,then I am fine. When it is an outside factor like lag or controller not working,I get angry but manage to control it.

I’m always calmed. Yesterday I lost 10 times in a row against an exceptional Maya. I managed to overcome this MU and eventually won 5 in a row. And with Aganos, thats a huge victory for me. Losing its part of the fun. There is no fun without a bit of challenge.

Exception: two full magazines of ammo against an enemy running against me, and he uses the lancer and kills me.

50 bucks, 50 bucks, 50 bucks…

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My name is Raven, and i’m an angry gamer.

By “angry gamer” i mean that i did go eyedol on my previous game console when i was a teenager. I was a victim of glitch fighter 4 on pc with the lag and glitches, i’m a vega player and that there is no secret that capcom dislike vega. the many xbox controllers that i went eyedol on them for no reason… other than releasing stress because of pure BS that i have witness with my own 2 eyes while i am playing the game.

I have to say that every time i smashed a control on the wall or on the floor it felt pretty good. But i did miss my control after it’s been destroyed… with that in mind i understood that the need to destroy is to fill my pride and ego as a gamer, tho i was not that great, i did believe in my soul that i was that good. but then i saw people from killer instinct online doing zbattle and kaillera, i knew for sure i had to get better at fighting games in general.

Now a days i just praise people for a good game and become a mirror if they start to act childish or immature. and yes… i do curse when i feel a lag or a glitch, not at the player… but at the freaking game.

I hate players that mirror me on purpose after a few matches. It comes off as rather arrogant, as if they’re trying to say “I’m better than you” which is, well, childish. :baby:

I’m not too strangers and Xbox friends but I have a tendency to curse out my friends when w e play smash and Mario kart 8 but its a friendly kind.

Though I know one guy who tends to be an angry Gamer sometimes

Only if its mario party…

Sorry,but i only act that way if i can sense that they act like that with me. no bad intentions are made from me.