And people think ki will die because of balance LMAO

Cmon now, ki isn’t this bad, can we agree or nah?


No game has a perfect balance but is that a bad thing? Using sf5 as an example doesnt feel right.

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Wow, literally 2 or 3 hits and that was it. wtf!? O_o

I’ve barely seen any gameplay of SFV before and all I have to say of that video is holy neck balrog, he’s all head and torso.

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From the top comment section:

“to everyone thats wondering balrog can hold two buttons but they have to be punch and kicks, its like a charge move, the longer you hold it the more damage it does and i think its 40% max.”

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Balrog is strong, but you can’t deny KI has some issues. (also you have to charge that move by holding 2 buttons and its max charge is at 56 seconds)

“Too much balance can be a bad thing, but not enough is just bad game development.” - Max


Every fighting game has issues. That’s the nature of the beast.

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do you guys even understand what is happening in that video


Didn’t the Balrog player charge his move for like a minute?
I haven’t played Balrog at all but that’s what I’m reading in the comment section of the video.

Yes, he is using turn around punch (TAP), a move where you have to hold buttons and then release them. If you hold them long enough, you get the “final” version, which does insane amounts of damage and stun, but you have to hold it for something like 50 seconds (the exact number changes per game). While you are charging for final TAP, you lose access to all those buttons.

In past games, you had to hold either all 3 punches or all 3 kicks, which means you couldn’t tech throws ever while charging TAP. In SFV you can only hold 2 punches or kicks, so you can keep your light buttons available if you want but then you can’t use important footsies buttons.

Basically, Rog is trolling his opponent by trying to hit with final TAP. He’s doing it because it makes for an exciting stream and hilarious moments like these. There is no balance concern here at all.

People have been using final TAP in combo videos/troll videos for many years. Here is a classic example from James Chen’s Ode to the 2-Hit Combo:


I guess in KI terms you could say this is the equivalent of a 4 wall Aganos combo.


Funny thing is, this video made me want to play SFV right now & I haven’t played in weeks, lol

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra

W T F ??? How was that possible? Before that combo that Humara’s defense was on point! Impressive.

Godlike read, from PR Balrog himself.

I don’t want to come in and argue because I think the original poster is on pretty solid ground with the general idea (i.e. That KI isn’t going to die because of any real or perceived balance issue). But videos are pretty bad at demonstrating balance one way or the other. You don’t know what the opponent could have done differently or what might be available to counter what you see. You just know what one guy did that worked in this instance. Maybe he just got lucky.

Probably not.

I imagine how would Infilament write about Balrog:

“most similar to: Shang Tsung”

Yeah, the Balrog video shows a very niche situation that would almost never happen in a real match and is fairly well balanced given the insane damage to insanely long charge up.

But did we recently flip? Why are people concerned about KI’s balance? Isn’t KI a fairly well balanced game? I mean, nothing’s perfect but KI does seem to have an entire cast of viable characters and no disproportionately bad match ups, last I checked.

Tekken’s Miquel has a taunt that kills you with one punch, but if you get hit by it, you deserved it.