Analong Stick Breaker

I’ve never gotten down to using it but does anyone use the second analong stick to break combos? I know it’s an option and probably helps. I might break down and get familiar with it because my fingers can be slow to move where they need to.

For those that don’t know you can flick the second analong stick up, left/right, or down to break heavy, medium, or light respectively.

During my early days of playing the game I used to be full analog. However I realized it was not as reliable to me as I thought. I kept slipping up my breaking due my impulses and often times when I wanted to break a light I’d hit down-forward or down-back registering it as a medium. Nowadays I use the buttons to break lights and mediums. I still use the stick for breaking heavies because I have quicker access to it than the shoulder buttons.

I learned and adjusted to the buttons 1st, so when I learned that using the right stick was actually a thing, I tried it, and was all like, “nope.”

I used right stick breakers when I played on pad. They’re very efficient I think.

When I first started this KI I played it with the controls set up like the SNES default with the lights on the shoulder buttons and mediums & heavies on the face buttons. Because of that layout light breakers were pretty much out of the question for buttons, so I used the analog for lights only. Now I have the lights on the right bumper and trigger, and I can hit both at the same time, so I don’t use the right stick anymore. In fact I use an elite controller, & I just keep the analog stick attatchments in the case when I’m playing KI.

The way I look at it, your right thumb should ideally already be placed on the 4 face buttons (assuming of course, you’re using a controller), so what I would personally recommend for most is to use the face buttons to break light and mediums since your thumb is already there (just slide your thum from X+A to Y+B), and either use the joystick only for heavy breaks, since you can quickly move your thumb from the face buttons to there, OR simply leave your right trigger/middle fingers on the right bumper/trigger, respectively, so your thumb doesn’t have to go anywhere (which is what I do). :wink: