An under-appreciated feature

KI is by no means a perfect game and it does have its fair share of flaws, however I think there is a very overlooked feature in the game that is absent in other triple A fighting games, and that’s the ability to fight offline against fighters you haven’t purchased yet. I remember playing MKX and being excited for the updates with newer characters, however I was immediately turned off when I figured out I couldn’t even practice fighting against the newer characters unless I purchased them or happen to run into them online, as a result I refused to purchase any of those characters on principle, perhaps in hopes that this wouldn’t become a trend in the future. Then comes Injustice 2, another major fighting game and my fears were confirmed once again much to my frustration and once again I refused to buy the characters. Coming across this annoyance for the 2nd time made me appreciate how KI handles this situation so much and I feel it’s appropriate to commend KI on not only being an extremely generous free game but also one that gives you all the tools to work with and get better at the game, unlike some others that although may have a bigger budget and production value can restrict your potential to get better by pulling stuff like I mentioned. Here’s to hoping that more fighting games in the future can follow KI’s example and not restrict our ability to fight against newer characters and learn those matchups unless we cough up more money.

I mean, giving the ability to fight against someone withought paying for them would either require the file for the character to be already installed or on disc in some way. A practice which is generally frowned upon when DLC is considered. “If the character is already on my system then why do I have to pay to play as them” that’s the typical thinking.

KI is free to play though, that’s the case I’d make to justify it.