An INSANE FT10 featuring CrazyLCD!

I’ve decided to put together another video, thus officially creating a new series on my channel, “The Immortal Exhibitions”.
Part 1 featured DaytonJ,

Part 2 features THE Kim Wu, the one and only, @CrazyLCD !



Why there are so many… changes of recording in the video? The editing cutting some parts it’s very weird.

Sorry man, it’s a bit… odd to watch, at least for me :frowning:

It was edited that way to keep the pace fast, and to remove all the down time during and in between the matches…

I can understand, but the flow it’s really cutted down in second 40. The transition it’s very unnatural IMO

It’s not my cup of tea either to be honest. I do however commend your effort and admire what you’re trying to do here.

And it could be that this is better for the casual audience which it very well could be. As someone who watches a lot of pro players I like to see what happens after knockdowns, footsies, etc. There are a lot of mind games that happen in those instances.

But like I said the direction you’re going is solid, keep it up :slight_smile:

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I’d encourage you to not cut stuff during the actual match itself (cutting the nonsense in between fights is totally fine though). It gets very disorienting to watch, and a lot of the things you’re cutting are the exact things I want to watch. Just some advice for future videos from someone who watches a lot of fighting games!

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Ok thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback! This is only the second time I’ve created exhibitions like this, and it was to mostly contrast my KI EPICS series, which is always a full match from start to finish…
I’m also not a huge fan of just recording hours of fights and then hitting upload. However I like the ideas, and the feedback so maybe I’ll do a combination of cutting the in between fight stuff, and not so much the actual fights themselves.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback!


Would you be interested in me making an uncut version?

It’s up to you, if you make an uncut version I’ll check it out but if it’s too much work then that’s okay.

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Consider it done!

Did you see this uncut set?