An indicator for Astral plane corners

Maybe cut the platform off at the corners so they don’t go on forever? It’s currently just really awkward because theres no frame of reference for screen location besides the galaxy in the background.

Um, I thought they did end and did have corners - I’m fairly certain I’ve seen them.

Yeah sometimes it is hard to tell. I know when I am playing Eyedol and catch somebody with a J HP I wonder if I am close enough to the corner to switch it up into the juggle shenanigans instead of doing the regular recapture lol

Yeah, this is pretty mandatory for me. With no sense of when I’m about to run into the corner, I would never play on this stage in tournament (and even in casuals it’s kind of grating). It feels like your head is spinning and you don’t know where you are.

There needs to be more than just an indicator of when the corner has arrived, but there needs to be a warning that you are “close” to the corner. This way you know if you’re in the middle of the stage, or 30% one way to one corner or another.

I dunno what they can do that doesn’t involve a rework of the background though. Can they change the color of the floor slightly as you move towards the corner, or something? There has to be some indicator.

Perhaps a rainbowy effect to the stage floor?

Something like that. They could highlight the cracks in the tiles at the edges. It would cause a similar effect as Fulgore’s color 9 Tron stripes.

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