An Idea for a S3 Change

I was thinking it might be neat to see Sadira get an air OK reversal but getting rid of her Shadow Web Cling. The input would remain the same but the attack would be a hit where Sadira Grabs the opponent and pulls back on a web (similar animation to web cling) and launches them into the ground doing ok damage and causing a hard knockdown. The attack would require 1 bar and I think would be an interesting change to everyone’s favourite assassin. It would make some matches better and others worse (since she loses the reversal).

*im not saying Sadira needs this change or that she needs to be buffed or anything, just an Idea I had that I think would be fun


Speaking of sadira changes, I’ve always though it was odd that the most air-oriented character of season 1 never received a recapture. Because many of her combos are juggles, she can only get the big damage from a juggle shadow recluse ender. Granted in her current state a recapture would seem a bit overpowered in addition to everything else she has. Oh well, I just thought that making shadow widows bite a recapture would make the move worth using because right now it is pointless when used mid juggle.
But I do have to admit, your change is probably the most valid and sensible fan suggestion I have seen in a long time.

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