An All Guest Character Fighting Game


I love crossovers. I don’t know why, but seeing two worlds collide fills me with unfiltered joy. I also really like fighting games, and i tend to gravitate towards guest characters. So, I came up with an interesting idea. We make a fighting game that is all guest characters.

The characters would be suggested by fans using a system similar to LEGO Ideas. People can submit whatever character from whatever franchise, alongside a plan for how they would play. No OCs allowed. Then, other fans vote on it, ones who get up to 10,000 votes enter the review period. During this review period, the game devs review the concept, decide whether or not it is actually plausible, and find out if the actual license holder is willing to play ball. If the stars align, then the character is added to the game. Also, one character per franchise. (I.E. if Batman is added, then Superman becomes ineligible) The characters would be released via a seasonal model similar to Killer Instinct, one stage per character, until such time as the stage count becomes ridiculously huge.

What do you guys think. Would you invest in this? And who would you want to see in it? I could go on an on with possibilities. But for now, my vote will go to Beetlejuice. I just think he would be a cool fighting game character.

Super Smash Bros and Playstation All-Star Battle Royal comes to mind…

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yes. but those are all mascots from one company with a few exceptions. I’m talking ANYONE, as long as the license holder will play ball. Plus, I would want it to be a traditional fighter.

That’s MUGEN


Just one point to make mention. For it to be all guest characters you need at least one character from the host game roster. For example a Killer Instinct will need a KI character to “host” sort of speak. So who would be the host?

Off the top of my head for guests I’d say

Just because I’m already a huge fan.

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I bet people would drop money on a really polished Mugen-esque mashup style fighter.

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it’s just a tagline. There is no host. Though i guess whoever develops it would probably demand their mascot.

Logline: It’s a party, and everyone’s invited


Yes I was going to say mugen

Bayonetta enough said

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I think she has a spot already in Smash. Don’t need her all over the place

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It’d be interesting to see her mechanics translated to a 2D plane though.

That’s kinda what they did in Super Smash though.

True, but I doubt they would keep all the same moves and properties considering the mechanics of Smash vs a traditional 2D fighter. I’m just saying it would be interesting.

Most fighting games chars are guests in some way, just altered due licensing.

Tusk - Thor/Conan
Jago - Ryu/stereotype monk
Orchid - hot special ops
Fulgore, robots from MK - Predator
Cinder - Human Torch


How about Beavis and Butt-Head? Beavis and Butt-Head anyone?

So Jump Force is a thing now… Doesn’t that qualify as an all guest character fighting game ?

Not really. It’s all of the characters from Shonen Jump Magazine. My idea was a game where there is no real link between where all of the characters come from. Where characters like Scorpion and Sol Badguy are just as welcome as characters like Beetlejuice and Batman. From ANY franchise who’s willing to license their character to whoever develops it.

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I think the only real chance of that happening is if by some miracle you did it yourself…

It sounds like a Licensing Nightmare for the legal department.

Or just purchase Fire Pro Wrestling for Steam and create or customize certain wrestlers to look like whatever known Fighting Game character you want to see because this idea, to me, is a nightmare from day one of creation from certain companies.