Amazing ki opportunity for Xbox!

So you guys may laugh at me for this one but as a grown man I still love plying mine craft. It’s the inner creative side in me that can’t get enough. Then i came up with an awesome idea! A killer instinct mine craft texture pack. They could build the world of ki as a mine craft map to play in. Every stage in the game could be found in this world.

That’d be Killer! To add to that, I hope they add more KI character skins. If it isn’t possible, at least modding is an option on the PC side.

MC isn’t a game I can play again and again but the times I do play are always a relaxing experience.

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I’d get behind that. It would make palying Minecraft more fun again. I only really play it with my neices because they like to play it alot. And well due to time circumtances we don’t always have time to play.

Also while we’re at it. How about some more skins of the season 2 and three cast?

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