Am I tripping? I thought you can cash out white life on an opener to ender reset

I just went through the dojo mode and infil’s guide. Where was it mentioned that when doing a reset, to cash out accumulated white life, you need to put in something breakable? Please help lol!

After seeing me not cash out a reset via opener~ender, I tested this out with Aganos, and Jago. So this seems intentional. I can’t believe I’ve missed this this whole time, though.

I wonder if Omen has something to do with this bc of his Demonic Despair…

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I think this was changed at some point - maybe even at the S2-S3 transition. But it is definitely intentional.


ok cool. yeah i thought it was intentional. just checking to make sure. it makes sense tho. I wish i could find the archive of where this was stated.

The breaker system received a substantial overhaul at the start of season 3, so you might find something iron-clad in the 3.0 patch notes. That said, opener-ender cashouts were disallowed long before that.

Patch 2.4: “The Aganos Patch” - February 27, 2015

System Changes

Opener-Ender situations are no longer capable of cashing out Potential Damage. They can still be broken as usual, though. Nothing else about them has changed.


I see it now. Thx yall!

@iDoMusic4Media i find it telling that you’re an aganos main and can’t recall a very important detail from the aganos patch :triumph::joy::joy::kissing_smiling_eyes:

:grin: naw it makes sense. I was just having fun a blast playing the game online back and season 1 and 2 days. Never paid attention to any patch notes and stuff like that, although I was glued to the screen for every new character breakdown stream. My first offline was KI World Cup, and after that I started getting into the competitive scene and started to pay attention to patch notes. Plus, Aganos isn’t necessarily a “reset king” lol :smile: so of the rare resets I’ve gotten, I must’ve stuck something breakable in there before cashing out.

Short side note - we MUST play soon. Next time I play you cant be the next KIWC lol. PM’ing u for scheduling ha!

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