AM I the only one that hates the new purple shadows?

I mean, in seasson 2 the shadow effects was amazing!, especially for orchid, but now they removed all those shadows, and put the new purples,ç

im not saying that the new shadows suck at all, bbut i think, the shadow effects were a lot better in season 2, especially for orchid…


Yea the original shadow effects were better IMO.


Well, I don’t quite hate them, but I definitely preferred the old shadow effects.

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I love them, they make more sense in the plot and they’re more vibrant and uniform than the weird dirty paint water we had before.


No, You’re not the only one.

You missed the thread where we complained about it like a month ago before release. Sadly not enough people showed their dislike of it.

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They remind me of the grey shadows in KI Arcade but I do like the older shadows better since it has better trails

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i like it both. it looked good in season 2, its different in season 3 but looks also good.
for poeple who never played before (newcomers on pc) the game looks very good.
btw, its just a personnal opinion but KI graphics / effects look amazing.
even when you prefer season 2 shadows over season 3.

I prefer by far the new shadow effect.

I also kind of like the new “level 4 effect”. I would prefer it without the “black screen”, but it’s obvious some of the stages weren’t made for those views and that’s why there is this black screen. But it seems I am the only one that doesn’t hate this effect…

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I prefer the purple theme this season to be honest.

In S1 and S2 there was too much blue as some one posted previously. Glacius, Glacius’ stage, sabrewulf, omen, Shadow Jago, shadow tigers lair, Jago’s trousers, blue menus, blue effects. The list goes on, Im very happy with how it is now.


Yeah I feel like there have been a good number of threads about this already, so no, OP is definitely not the only one. I believe Adam already said that the old shadow animation isn’t coming back, so I don’t think it was a matter of us not yelling and screaming enough.

While I know they said it’s story related, I’m guessing they also wanted something that would pop off the screen a bit more, as the black water color look might blend a bit too much in to some stages due to the relighting. But that’s just a guess. If so, I think it makes sense.

Personally, I liked the way the old ones looked from the standpoint of duplicating the character’s motion. Some of them, like Glacius’ puddle punch, Spinal’s soul sword, etc looked flat out awesome with that effect and the new animation just doesn’t pick up those nuances nearly as well in my estimation.

I do like that the new shadow effect is brighter, I like that it has more of a splash effect, and it’s very well animated IMO, and while I love customization, I tend to think that having a toggle for this might be one more toggle than they’re prepared to put in the game.

That said, I really do hope that they can work on the shadow effects, because I do think that there’s a happy medium to be found.

If you want some purple in there to make them pop, that’s great. I think that’s useful and it can look nice too. But maybe also include some black in there as well, and definitely have a clearer, better mimic of the regular move being done; specifically, clearer outlines of limbs and weapons.

That’s where I feel like the black, a good contrast, could help a bit. Right now, it’s just all purple with maybe some lighter purple and it all just looks like a large, splashy haze in some moves.

Again, I like the splash effect, but that’s more on the outskirts of the move. Within the core of it, there should still be well-defined shadows of the actual motion happening and I don’t think we’re seeing that nearly as well as we could right now.

So maybe a mixture of the two, with black and hints of purple at the core and middle area, with more defined mimics of the movemrnts, leading to more purple splashes on the ends, would help quell fans issues with it, make it look better, more stylish and more detailed overall, and not force IG in to creating yet another toggle where one’s not overly needed?

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I kind of love the new purple animation. Instead of the shadow effect encompassing and obscuring the screen and character, now the purple effect sort of flames off the character like a sort of DBZ KI aura.

IDK. I think it looks great!

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The new effect is nice, though I am currently undecided if I prefer this look over the previous one. I wish the current look had more visible after images and that the characters didn’t turn purple as much. The last effect could look muddled at times, especially on streams, so it wasn’t much better IMO

I like the purple effect. I find it visually pleasing to the eye, I think it works better with some characters than others, but I like it. I love how it kind of emits from the characters like a purple steam.

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I’m kind of mixed. The effect have grown on me but it looks “better” on some characters than others.

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as a new player i was looking for a way to change color or turn it off. I noticed orchid’s in-game moveset demo video didn’t have them, making me hope there was a way to change the effect. Then i sadly realized it was an old video that got grandfathered in

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When I first saw the new effect I wasn’t impressed. I loved the old black inky shadow effects.

But after watching several live streams with the purple effect, and then going back to season 2 gameplay, I came to realize that the old black effect, in comparison, was really boring and barely even noticeable.

The new purple effect accomplishes the same wispy effect, but looks not only more noticeable, but downright better. In my opinion this was a great change which makes the game look better.

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and to think purple shadow are fancy. No they’re not! :rage: