Am I only want Playtonic make new KI?

Look my thread’s title. I want to see Playtonic make new KI sequel or another season because they’re ex Rare team and make original KI and 2/GOLD. Right? If Playtonic make new KI, that would very awesome!


No, because Playtonic probably doesn’t even care about KI seeing as how they wanted to do a banjo game. They most likely will continue on the Yooka franchise and then copy another Rare game that won’t be a risky bet like a fighting game is. They are a small studio, no way they will shorten their target audience to just fighting games which don’t have big pools of fans as it is.

Not only that but why do people have the impression that just because there are some Ex Rare employees that they know fighting games? Giving KI to playtonic would be like giving it to any other indie studio.

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They are the team that made the original? If so it would be pretty cool if they got input on the next KI game but at the same time, KI seems like it is in really good hands under Iron Galaxy too. If for some reason IG doesn’t want to take on a sequel then I wouldn’t be against it. Idk who made what in the old games but if there is one thing I like about the original it is the atmosphere/look of the first game’s stages.

H*** yeah! Im super curious to see what the original rareware team would do with KI these days. Not saying Double Helix and Iron Galaxy are bad developers but c’mon they’re the creators of the Killer Instinct franchise. Microsoft should invite them to create a new character for the game and think on hiring them for the next KI game as the official developer if there’s going to be such a thing someday.

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Making a fighting game in the modern landscape of fighting games is very difficult. You need an intense understanding of FG mechanics, what has and hasn’t been done in the past (so you know what does and doesn’t work), and an idea to bring something fresh to the FG table.

I’m very much looking forward to Yooka-Laylee but Playtonic is not a team that could create a good version of KI.


Just because they were the original devs doesn’t mean they’d make a great fighting game. Best example I can think of is Ridley Scott and Prometheus. The director of the original Alien returning to the franchise? Sounds great right? The result was… less than stellar. (And it actually lead to the Neill blomkamp’s Alien movie getting cancelled.)


From what I understand while the Playtonic guys did come up with some of the ideas for KI Ken Lobb was pretty much the driving force behind KI being what it was, and he’s still over KI3…so…
And besides it’s not like the original team hasn’t had any input. Chris is still doing the classic announcer. Kevin Bayliss helped design the S2 retros, Mick consulted with Robin Beanland about the music…and so on.
So they’ve had a hand in making KI3 be what it is.

Wow, reading comprehension fail.

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I don’t mind to see a new KI or any other game from any developer as long as it will be just a Spin-off, this will expand my favorite franchise and will answer some questions like yours.

Team Double helix & IronGalaxy did a great work with the Reboot, season 1 was absolutely Classic ( this what you asking for ), Season 2 began to add, increase the professional fighting mechanism and season 3 I think it will have a unique online experience with “shadow Lords mode”

These changes on the game give each fans what they deserve and at the same time they want make the game compete others fighting games franchises by developing it little by little

Believe me, in Season 1 ( which was 100% on the classic style ) I felt boring from repeating same actions, the game was just a graphic demonstration, but in season 2 everything changed and playing by each character gives me a unique experience that I can play hundreds of hours without getting bored

My gameplay hours now reached over 450+ hour

Before I play KI I played so many fighting games over years, and I can tell, KI Reboot stole my time and interest like no other before

I have some notes like the characters modeling is not matching their concept arts in IG era, I don’t like the new design for Tusk and his stage, the lack of stages in season 3 … etc but still the positive notes is the most

Thanks for the post :smile:

The people who made the old KI aren’t at rare anymore. I’m thought this was common knowledge. Chris the announcer of the old KI doesn’t work with the rare team, or platonic, he works at MS…just like Ken Lobby…who also worked on the OG KI.

KI right now is exactly where it needs to be, with IG.

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Too late… I saw it already.

[EVIL LAUGH SOUNDS] :smiling_imp:


Lol nah, it’s OK. Let’s me know you are a human that makes mistakes, and not a robot secretly.


no, IG does an outstanding job.
if there would be a season 4 or a sequel, hope IG continues making it.
until now, the diversity of the characters is amazing.
IG does a hell of a job.
Leave it that way.
You don’t change something that feels good / wright.
could be you get very dissapointed.

Chris Sutherland works at Playtonic now (on Yooka-Laylee).

Wile it would be cool considering they were the former oirignal rare. I must admit: not every singer who sings your favorite song is gonna sing as good.

Honestly these were the same folks who kept joking around with us in KI3. april fools, hoaxes. I honestly think they don’t really care about KI anymore. Only former member who gave enough of a ■■■■ to bring it back was the creator of KI: Kenn Lobb!

If Playtonic (formerly OG Rare) cared they would of done it a long time ago.

I do wish em’ luck with Yooka-Laylee though. It looks promising.

Since DH left they’ve added 11 stages, 14 amazing characters with three more on the way, turned a previous skin of a character into a full fledged character, added several in game mechanics and balance changes to keep the game interesting, added shadows mode and combo assist (which helps new players who’ve never played FGs before), will be adding another revamped story mode, added a working PC release, and if it weren’t for them KI probably wouldn’t have made it past S1 so just because they haven’t added a few things does not erase all the great things they have done for the game.

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I honestly do not think anyone can top the creativity and ingenuity of Keits and the Iron Galaxy team. Keits has a deep understanding of Fighting Games including the big dog Street Fighter.
This is my opinion…but I think IG has just done an amazing job. KI is just absolutely sick and characters like Aganos, Kan-ra, Omen, Mira and all the re-envisioned classic characters are amazing.

I dont think the old guys could out do Keits as he also is very involved in the community and just knows whats “cool”.


While yes I can agree some of those are not good but combo assist doesn’t seem that bad. If you’re new to the game and have no experience you can never truly beat the guy who doesn’t have it turned on. If you’re skilled enough kevbones you can beat a Combo Asist user.

Guests I admit is a bit wonkey but compare that to MKX, which has 4 guest characters and none of them are even from a game franchise and even then the ones they picked are just bleh. So long as we only have 3 or so we might be alright, I will agree though slots could of been used for more original KI characters.

Ultimates I’m with you on that. I just hope they actually do add Ultimates to everyone. Cuase if only shago has one, no one has one.

Three stages I can understand they just simply used that time t build up the graphics.

None of everything they do is perfect, but how do we even know Playtonic would do a good job? because they were the original rare? the same guys who teased us and played jokes with us when it came to KI? for all we know it could be a situation where it’s the same band, but they no longer have the same talent they did in the past with music.

I’ll answer this question with a question.

Does Playtonic have the understanding of fighting games like Iron Galaxy does?

Probably not. When was the last time they made an fighting game?