Am I going to get my data back or what?

Your update for season 3 deleted my cloud data after it corrupted it. I sent a few emails to both Microsoft and Iron Galaxy which have gone unanswered for a week. I used KI gold to power level my characters before Season 3 dropped. Basically you made me waste $40+ to play for a year and a half only to get screwed and lose 43k matches over 3,000 hours of work. I know it’s busy time because of all of the issues, but at least a response would be nice. Give me some Double exp or a long lasting quad exp or something so I can get my characters back to 50 at least. The customer service is pretty craptastic right now. If there is nothing you can do, or you won’t do anything, then you should compensate me or give me my money back for the Ultra Edition I pre ordered to try and make something right.

Basically what I’m saying, give me a reason to want to play your game right now. Since your update made me lose nearly an entire roster of level 50 characters, all my achievements, all my story mode, survival, shadow mode, all my data.

Thanks (both sarcastically and appreciatively)

Have you tried just using the live chat support on the xbox website? you’d get a then and tehre answer and at least you could explain that because of this you want a refund (id be pissed also if i lost KI gold i’d bought becuause of a cloud save issue and demand money back)

I didnt lose the KI gold, that isnt attached to the cloud. I lost all of my save data from a year and a half worth of playing. I am currently speaking in chat with Xbox Live, hoping for something. However they did mention recovering save data is impossible, so I’m pretty much screwed. It’s up to Iron Galaxy to fix it. Basically a HUGE exp boost for all of my season 1 and season 2 characters so I can get them all back to level 50. That’s the only way.