Am I Alone?

I feel like I’m the Minority of people who would like to see Killer Instinct get a Season 4 Am I Alone or is there others out there who would like to see one more season like I do?


Man, there’s a bunch of threads on this already.

As for wanting another season though, no, I’m right there with you! That’s my preference as well.

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Personally if its done in the style of the last 3 I’d hate it. But people do want it and it seems like they might do it at this point. Releasing the game on steam after all this time? They might have something planned at least


Im seriously gunna compile all the “season 4” and “Killer Instinct Sequel” threads into a single image and start posting it every time someone makes a new one.

I would bet money there are at least 15, and it’s time to start closing these things as “duplicate threads”.


I am against S4 as another 8 chars. IMO it should be 4 chars + QoL and polishing tweaks.

I think KI could persevere with another season. The reason is, because competition is a$$ currently.

-Injustice 2 is hay burn, KI would outlive it easily.
-sf5 and mvc:i - gooby pls. (small letters are intentional)
-Rev2 and upcoming DB Fighterz - tough competition but there is place for KI and both of these games
-Tekken 7 - hard to compete with it because its a 3D fighting game, completely different planet from KI.

But there will not be S4 I can bet. Steam release is Microsoft’s last straw on squeezing some profits from this game.

From what I understand Halo Wars 2 is going to be on Steam as well. Honestly I don’t think they’re porting over KI because the game’s on its last leg. It’s more likely it’s in an opportune situation to be an ambassador game for MS. It was promoted as one of their first crossplay games, they had it front & center when talking about 4k upgrades at E3:

I’m pretty certain that wasn’t done on a whim, nor would they throw it up there if KI was on its way out.

No, it’s pretty obvious they’re using KI because it’s an easy way to reach out to Steam.


Season 4 plz.


no more seasons, please. i think how they’re doing it currently is excellent for a roster this big. and the game NEEDS to age. every season the game got turned on its head, but i feel like now the game is really starting to mature well. I would hate for a restart on that.

bring on a few new characters and some remixes, bring on stages, colors, ultimates costumes and shadow lords cut scenes worth a damn. (how cool would a flshed out cgi cut scene story mode play out? never say never…

i think what theyre doing is fine

A Killer Instinct Season 4 for me here as well so you can count me in on that now :slight_smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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Same, its a great opportunity to get more things added. Heck maybe in Season 4 they can get us some new features in as well.

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Definately not alone. I want a season 4 too. With some cool new characters, STAGES!!!, classic arcade mode and extra stuff for shadow lords!!!

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While I would welcome a 4th season, I’d rather they focus their efforts on a new game entirely. KI feels rich with content at this point. There’s nothing that I really feel the game “needs” at this point to keep me playing.

I’d love to see a brand new game on a beautiful new engine. I’d like to see the same team on it the whole way through. Have IG cutback on the experimenting and use the experience they’ve gained to make a refined, solid new KI.

I don’t even care if it’s something that comes out late 2019. There’s no reason to stop playing this game as is. The community is solid, and the game is fun. A new game is the next logical step to expand and open up to more players.

I’d like a Season 4 if it focused more on smoothing out the overall content of the game rather than adding new characters. More stages, customization, improved ranked mode and lobbies, the remaining Ultimates, etc.