Alternate Instincts

Looking at the new V-Triggers in Street Fighter, it got my thinking…

What if KI had a alternate instinct mode where you are able to chose between two different instinct for each character? I would love to hear your creativity on this topic.

Some instincts I came up with:

Jago (Way of the Monk): Every laser sword move or sword normal now gains a good amount of meter on block and hit. Has same frame changes as first instinct. The sword glows when in instinct.

Arbiter (Fully Loaded): Arbiter has an infinite amount of grenades (only 3 can be on screen). Carbine starts glowing when instinct is popped.

RAAM (Kryll Tsunami): A kryll swarm begins forming at both ends of the screen and starts to slowly crawl to the middle. The kryll swarm does real damage and can be stacked upon any afflicted kryll. Kryll swarm is as dense as first instinct. Knife now shines in instinct.

Kilgore (Protocol 4.5.1.): Kilgore can now remotely switch between overheat and cool states by pressing HP+HK. Performs an exhaust like move and can used to cancel all moves. Each cancel depletes some of the instinct gauge (like Tusk). Cool mode can not traditionally go into overheat and stays at max level spin once used enough, but can still decrease spin. Overheat cannot cooldown, even via shadow exhaust. Steam comes off from Kilgore throughout his instinct.

Eagle (Náqc Háma, Náqc Saq’antá·y): When the bird is being sent to retrieve arrows, using KKK (triple kick) cause the eagle to perform a screech and cause an explosion around it. This attack hits overhead and can be done when the bird is move to or away from Eagle. Using the move calls the bird immediately to Eagle to cooldown. His bird shines bright throughout the instinct.

That’s all I have for now, will probably add more if I think of any. I wonder what you guys can come up with. There is no such thing as a bad idea

P.S.- Eagle’s instinct name means “one man, one eagle”

By the way, parody instincts are also appreciated in this thread, maybe something like this:

Hisako- You now have the powers of @STORM179. Hisako instantly reads all attacks and counters them automatically. Also, all knockdown setups are unblockable and you can grab out of the air. Sit back and a relax or make yourself a sandwich with this totally balanced instinct.


Here’s mine!

Spinal (Soul Steal): Spinal’s Searing Skulls have the slight Vampirism ability that increases as more skulls are stacked on the opponent, granting Spinal a very scary survival game tactic on Instinct.

Shadow Jago (Shadow Tiger’s Rage): Shago’s Combo Trait (Around The Underworld) does double Potential Damage giving Shago players a chance to turn the match into their favor in desperate situations. It also increases the recovery time for all of Shago’s moves.

Cinder (Punch Fighter: Fire Edition): Cinder’s Special Moves and Command Move Third Degree now applies Level 1 Burnout Enders on the first hit. The B.E. levels increases on the first hit should a Cinder player use any Special Move (Ex. Fire Flash) and or Third Degree for the second to fourth time to apply serious Potential Damage.

TJ Combo (Bring The Pain): All of TJ Combo’s Lvl 4 Enders does double damage plus Auto Barrage will be faster and quite longer than normal (hitting ten buttons instead of six). On the tenth hit of Auto-Barrage, the opponent is instantly KO’d in that round and the Instinct Meter is reset.

(Note: A Boxing Ring Bell should be heard on the tenth hit to indicate that the player has successfully completed the Auto Barrage on Instinct Mode).


Sabrewulf (Wulfswagon/Bloodhunt): a) Very fast wolfy moving at incredibly high speeds! Wulf’s dashes are buffed back to Season 1 Akuma teleport status and can be canceled into moves much sooner. Or b) Wulf gets the old 20% damage boost, as well as the ability to launch Shinsako style projectiles with each swing of ragged edge or punch normals… at the cost of a chunk of his health.
Both versions keep the chip damage (maybe)

Riptor (Ravenous/Dino Flu): a),Riptor hungry, Riptor eat! Riptor’s throws have an extended animation, deal massively increased damage, and heal her a percentage of her health. Keeps ger speed, loses ger extra range. Or b) Riptor regrets that 7/11 hotdog. All of her flame attacks are replaced with acidic bile that can form puddles in the arena or stick to opponents. causes damage over time if stepped in or on hit. Can stack for nasty business. Loses range and speed benefits.

Mira (Transalvanian Devil ): Spin to Win! All of Mira’s moves that involve spinning get 5x as many rotations while taking the same amount of frames, thus giving her evem more damage… at the cost of a huge increase in self damage.

Gargos (A Shadow Lord’s True Power): Kneel tp your god! Gargos gains access to his boss moveset, but no more stone skin.

Kiglore (Bottomless Barrage): Pew pew pew! When firing a bullet or missile attack, Kilgore can hold them for as long as he wants for a non-stop torrent of death. Subject to overheating effects


Riptor (Crouching Riptor, Hidden Mixup): Riptor gains the ability to predator cancel everything on hit or block except aerial attacks and enders. This includes auto-doubles, linkers, manuals, Clever Girl, and even Shoulder Charge on hit. Keeps speed buff, loses range.

  • Tusk

Instinct name: lore friendly.

How it works: Tusk loses no HP for Instinct duration.

  • Kilgore

Instinct name: expired technical review

How it works: Kilgore spills oil wherever he moves, can set it on fire with qcb+LP or air HP.

  • RAAM

Instinct name: Tekken King’s ripoff

How it works: RAAM gains access to various chainable command throws, which enemy can escape in between.

  • Gargos

Instinct name: mind control

How it works: Gargos throws projectile that reverses opponent’s directional inputs until Gargos gets hit.

  • Sabrewulf

Instinct name: Rabies

How it works: Wulf’s biting attacks make opponent lose hp for few seconds.


Glacius: Hail storm
Random hail will form overhead and linger in the air, making jumping very risky. Instinct hail never falls to the ground.

Fulgore: …just give him back his full speed reactor spin instinct…




Aganos’ movement is as if he has no chunks, even if he has 4 loaded. Activation gives him one chunk if he has zero, none if he already has one or more.


Sadira (Ballet of Determination): Replaces the in game music with Spider Dance from Undertale for the rest of the match. This is the Ultimate risk reward, as either the opponent will be filled with so much determination that they finish the match with flawless optimal play, or they’ll be so ■■■■■■■ annoyed by the Undertale reference they’ll instantly forfeit. :joy:


Orchid - Fire Cat Morph:
Orchid transforms into her Fire Cat form for the duration of her Instinct mode, giving her a unique moveset for that form, such as pouncing forward, pouncing upwards, several claw swipes, scratches and bites.


These are great guys! Keep them coming!

I love this idea in particular. It would really work actually. Maybe when you hit Tusk, his instinct meter depletes faster but his health doesn’t go down.

Here are a couple more I came up with:

Rash (Player 1 Start!): Return back to your old roots as Rash now becomes an 8-bit character. He has all the same moves but with modified visuals. Everytime Rash is hit, he immediately goes into a “hit stance” and becomes invincible for a second (think of getting hit in a beat-em up fighter) This means he can no longer be comboed when in this state, however every attack done to him does double damage. Battlemaniac now does 40% damage without any meter. Battlemaniac recapture now performs on one confirmed light attack.

Gargos (God’s Gift to You): Minions now have stoneskin armor, any special, shadow or non-heavy attack will only slow fatty and skinny down. Using L or M minion command cause them to explode their stone skin, causing an unblockable hard knockdown (no damage). Cannot be down when Gargos is being hit.

Aganos (Build Them Up…): Upon activation, Aganos places a wall behind him. During instinct, walls now need 5 knockdowns to break. If a wall is broken (via knockdown or ruin) Aganos gains one meter back. Activating a wall is now double as fast. The ultimate damage dealer.

Eyedol: Depends on which head you activate instinct with. Stance cannot be switched throughout instinct.

Mage Head (Wizards blessing): After casting a spell upon the opponent, Eyedol switches to his warrior stance. The opponent is now slowed down throughout the entire instinctL (think Kan-ra’s curse). The music stays in the idle theme throughout instinct.

Warrior Head (I…Serve…ME!!!) After hitting himself in the mage head, the mage becomes as angry as the warrior head. All of the mage’s moves have faster recovery. All special moves can be followed by another special move. Danger theme starts playing throughout instinct.

That’s it for now, keep them coming! These are fun to read :yum:


Shin Hisako (Gatekeeper’s Fury): Shin Hisako’s standing medium and heavy sword attacks create spirit slash projectiles, allowing for zoning and better hit confirms. In addition, spirit orbs create an explosion when hit while instinct is active. Sword and eyes glow in instinct.

Rash (Gang’s All Here!): Pimple and Zitz get teleported to join rash, who help Rash do more damage with specials and level 4 enders (with special team attack animations for the level 4 enders). Zitz and Pimple typically stand about 2 feet behind Rash and have a glowing aura effect to help players tell who is who during the insanity (basically similar to what Rash gets in his instinct, maybe different colors).

General RAAM (Locust Rage): Raam gets an alternate moveset featuring the heavy machine gun he used in Gears of War 1, and the Kryll Finger ability he had in Shadow of Raam, turning him into a zoner-tank hybrid for the duration of the instinct.


Maya (Enmity Surge): With HP+HK, Maya can throw her daggers into a big slow-moving spiral. She can do this 3x total and uses a chunk of Instinct every time she uses it. This can be done mid-combo for some unbreakable damage, and a free manual. The daggers will fly back to her since it’s in Instinct.

Hisako (Ascend): Hisako gains 2 new teleports done by pressing back and the other kick buttons. LK goes backwards and MK goes directly above the opponent like Shin Hisako. They also no longer require Wrath to be cancelled into, but instead costs a small chunk of Instinct.

ARIA (Encore): ARIA will revive the last body that’s been destroyed. If she still has them all, she’ll heal the one she’s currently in.

Gargos (Pitiful Creature): Gargos flies off the screen doesn’t come back. If he has the life lead, he wins. After that, you get to watch him fly off again since you weren’t good enough to keep a life lead lol


Ooh, the SFxT Mega Man tech

Aganos (Shockwave): Instead of creating a wall, Aganos instead can create a low shockwave that causes a hard knockdown, deals about 15% damage and does potential damage on block. back + 3p now creates a Peacemaker club as well.

Glacius (Crippling Cold): A little similar to Raam’s Instinct, a blizzard fills the screen and camouflages Glacius. The opponent’s movement is slowed throughout the instinct, including start-up and recovery on moves. Shatter, Ice Lance, Hail, st. HP, b. HP, and jumping HP now do more damage.

General Raam (Bloodlust): Dominance, Kryll Rush, and his normal throws now have an extended animation, and increased damage. Every time he gets a throw, he also gains a boost in movement speed.

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Seems like a fun idea. I like different and interesting so…

Kim Wu - No longer has the instinct Dragon Cannon ability.

New ability: (Long Qiao - translates to ‘Dragon Bridge’) - Only available in instinct. Kim can press HP + HK to absorb a Dragon Spirit. When Kim Wu performs combo enders while in instinct and after having absorbed a Dragon Spirit, the enders become enhanced.

Firecracker ender - Increased life regeneration at level 4 of this ender.
Dragon Kick ender - Kim Wu can dash cancel the landing recovery frames of this ender.
Wall Splat ender - Kim Wu’s frame advantage after using this ender becomes +16.
Shadow Dragon Kick ender - Retains the dash cancel from the normal Dragon Kick ender. The move hits a third time, adding a small amount of potential damage to the opponent.

Also, Kim Wu can absorb a Dragon Spirit to enable her forward and back throws to become special cancellable.

At the end of her instinct duration, if Kim Wu still has an absorbed Dragon Spirit, the absorbed spirit returns to a normal Dragon Spirit that circles her body.

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Jago - Tiger Pressure - instead gaining life for every endoken landed, every endoken causes potential damage on top of its normal damage when hit raw or blocked (when blocked it cause chip and less potential damage when hit raw). He can still keep the double endoken and frame advantage buffs. I remember seeing Thompson applying pressure to his blocking opponents in the corner by inputting a normal -> double endoken -> normal -> double endoken and so on. He was still gaining meter and the opponent was locked down. This would just add to the pressure while while trading it for the life recovery.

Omen - Shadow Dash - Omen can already use his shadow form for almost instant overheads. I think it would be gnarly if he could get the left-right mixup that Shago has when he dashes through an opponent when popping instinct. Its subtle but strong. You got to remember that Omen’s throw restands the opponent and is wonderful for resets. It can get even nastier in the corner for him.