(Almost) Medical Emergencies Ahoy!

Hey guys, Fwuf here to tell you about an excellent experience I had last night.
So I was making up some sloppy joes…or, at least tying, since my can opener is a piece of ■■■■. Long story short, in attempting to open up the can, I get a nasty gash on my finger, pretty deep. So obviously I go to wash it out, and send mom for a bandage. Good thing she was quick though, because I was passing out by the time she got back.
Now, I know I don’t have an issue with the sight of blood, since I’ve spilled plenty of my own goop over the years. I guess that this time I just gave a bit too much at once, since I got a bit light headed.
Anyway, I wake up on the couch and paramedics are on the way. It takes me a while to open my eyes and get talking, but I turn out alright in the end. They show up, make sure my brain still works and my blood pressure/sugar is doing fine. Finally just bandage everything up. I felt fine so I just sent em on their way.
So, I had a close call. Anyone else had any of their own?

Good thing you didn’t hit your head on the way down, Fwufikins!

I had a similar experience years ago when I worked as a restaurant manager. I cut my finger open real bad and there was more blood coming out of it than I had ever seen! I held it real tight and drove to the emergency room, where they took a look at it, gave me a Band-Aid, and told me to go home.


Kind of, though I never really had anything where I felt weak.

6th grade - on my way to band class. Open the door to enter the instrument room and some of my friends think it would be hilarious to try and shove the door shut while I am opening it. hand slips in. Ring finger (from top knuckle) comes flying off. Blood squirts everywhere, band teacher passes out, and I walk down to the nurses office squirting blood around the entire school!

Recently I was trying to get the pit out of an avocado with a wonderfully sharp Cutco knife. Ended up slipping and clipping 2 of my knuckles. Skin peeled back and exposed the bone. It legit bled for 18 hours, though It was constantly wrapped so didn’t lose too much blood, but both events made my immediate areas look like crime scenes.

glad to hear you are ok!

lol funny enough just like rukizzel here i too have had an incident regarding the awesome Cutco knives. one night while in my apartment many years ago i decided to go ahead and make some bacon cheese burgers. with extra bacon. i was cutting up lettuce and tomatoes, pickles. while cutting on a tomato the knife slipped and it clipped my 2 middle fingers slicing them like you would peel an orange. yeah, my skin went up like that o_0

blood poured out, i started to cuss while applying pressure then all of a sudden i went from raging to docile. my cousin saw and he went up to me “you are losing a ton of blood, come to the couch” and he guided me over. it was so strange, he was standing in front of me but i could barely hear him, my vision also blacked out dramatically. i was slumped on the sofa bandaged up and regained full conciousness in 20 min or so lol

Not sure about close calls but when I was around 11 I was clearing our old back garden and stepped on a plank of wood. Felt a slight pain and realized the plank was stuck to my foot, held there by a huge nail.

The nail almost went through to the other side of my foot but the bleeding was pretty bad. I remember from the back door to the front room there was this crimson trail. Got rushed to the hospital but it caused irreversible damage to the muscles in my foot.

Couldn’t walk on it for a while which meant I missed school which I rather enjoyed lol

Ok. I know this is SOOO late, but…

#DAMN SON :scream:

Wow. You are a tough guy…I would have cried for like… 30 minutes! :laughing:

So did you loose your finger???

Nah. Finger is still there, but did lose some skin. Nail looks funny, but at first glance you can’t really notice. Look at it close and you’ll see.

Had severe rope burn on all 10 fingers from tug of war. Long story short it was 50 v 50; all my team let go of the rope on the last second as the other team pulled on the count of three. I flew forward, got up and noticed red bared skin on all 10 fingers. It was 3rd degree burn once puss started to come in 10 mins. It was a rush but hurt so bad.

Try holding or touching anything for 2 weeks.

Well, didn’t expect to be posting in this thread again, but it looks like it’s the appropriate spot.
Long story short: My dad’s in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy. Was driving out to meet my sister and my grandpa walks up and tells me "Hey, did you hear what happened to your dad?"
Naturally today hasn’t been a great day. Luckily he’s on the road to a rapid recovery since they got his appendix out before it burst.

Omg! Hope everything is going fine! That sounds scary.

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Thanks man. He was well enough to take a phone call, so I assume he’ll be out and about again soon.
Though I may or may not have been in tears for a while. I was kinda freaking out it more than he was.

Thats ok. That’s your dad! I’d be crying too! Lol But we have different situations with our dad, but that’s a different story for a different time.

I’m sure your dad is a tough dude! He will punch through it like Aganos Punches people through walls.

I’m here by your side for support! :smiley:

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I wish you and your family the best! Sending you good vibes all around man!

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